How Not To Mess Up Valentine’s Day

Posted on 17 January 2014

Alright blokes, next month is Valentine’s Day and we know how easy it is to mess up the special day.  Here are some tips to avoid disaster on the day.

Don’t forget the date

The most important thing is to actually remember when it is – February 14.  This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday so mark your calendar.  In reality it is difficult to miss unless you are hiding under a rock due to all the commercialism surrounding the day, but still…it does happen!

Don’t just send a Facebook message and not follow it up with more

Acknowledging your love on Facebook is fine but if that sums up all your efforts then try harder.   How about a gift and a card or a night out – or even both.  You don’t have to spend a lot to impress; you just have to make an effort.

Don’t serve up a microwave meal

If you promise your partner dinner, offer more than a microwave meal.  If you want to cook something special then find a recipe and make an effort to surprise.  If cooking is not your thing then make a reservation at a restaurant – note the word reservation!

Don’t buy something that you want

You know that gift that you have been itching to buy – that stereo, that drill, whatever – don’t go out and buy it for your partner when in reality it is really for you.  Your tastes or wants do not come into it – make sure it is something that they will love.

Don’t send anything which will be perceived as tacky

It is also best to avoid anything with hearts, feathers, frills and flashing objects.  We understand there is much tackiness surrounding the day, so steer clear.  Instead use the day to celebrate your relationship and buy something of quality which will be appreciated.

Don’t spend all night talking about the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day

You might not like Valentine’s Day but the last thing your partner will want to hear about is how much you dislike the day.  Instead just enjoy the time you spend together and make the most of your date.

This list is of course not limited to these few tips, so we recommend using your better judgement and erring on the side of caution.  Too little and you risk getting it wrong.  Too much and you risk getting wrong.  It’s a fine line.  Good luck!

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