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AFL Finals are here

Posted on 18 September 2014 | Comments Off

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we’re here to tell you that the AFL Finals season has arrived and are in full swing.

Blokes BBQ roast pack

It’s a good thing, then, that Gifts for Blokes has everything blokes need to keep calm during the nail biting moments their team presents them with, and all they need to celebrate at the end of the season … or to commiserate, depending on the outcome for them.

Get the boys around for some finals fever, and feed them up before the game starts. A BBQ Roast Rack will set the atmosphere for the day before settling in to watch the finals on the telly.

Hopefully you won’t be forced to use this Remote Control Ban Tin, but it’ll be handy to kee

Arouzer stress ball

p the remotes safe and the channel on the game when you have blokes barracking for the losing team on the premises.

You can keep the cool all round with beer chill sticks, stubby holders, and a plethora of ways to help stressed or elated blokes open their beers.

At the end of the day, whether it’s worth a celebration or your bloke is need of some comforting, a mug of nice hot chocolate will help him feel better. Or perhaps he needs a bit of time with a stress ball?

Actually, come to think of it, a couple of them might be handy during the game!

Good luck for your team during the finals. Who are you barracking for?

Oh, and don’t forget. Everything is still on sale until 21st September!  Save 20% on everything!

Happy Birthday To Us

Posted on 17 September 2014 | Comments Off


Not completely content with spoiling Dads earlier this month, we’re now having a birthday.

Yep, it’s been 7 years that we’ve been providing gifts especially for blokes and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

And because we’re in celebration mode, we’ve decided to have a huge competition and a sale!


First let me tell you about the sale. There is 20% off everything including items already on sale and new goodies.

Sale ends Sunday 21st September, but items are only available while stock lasts. (the 20% discount is calculated during checkout)


gifts-for-men-prize1We are also running a 7th birthday competition with a great prize up for grabs.

The first prize in our 7th Birthday competition is a massive prize pack filled with goodies – the prize pack is valued at over $300 (Find out what’s in it here-http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/competitions.html)

There will also be 6 runner up prizes of a Gifts for Blokes shopping voucher to the value of $30 each, which would be ideal to put towards your Christmas gift shopping!

To enter we want to know your 3 favourite products on the Gifts for Blokes website and why you would like to win the prize pack. So tell us via email – comp@giftsforblokes.com.au

Entries close 6pm (AEST) Sunday 28th September, 2014.

All the details are on our competition page so pop over to find out more.

And a big happy birthday to us!

Where is my parcel?

Posted on 11 September 2014 | Comments Off

delivery timesEver ordered anything online and spent the next few days wondering what has happened to it?

Has it actually gone through and making its way to you? Or has it been abducted somewhere along the line by some alien in that place we refer to as cyberspace?

More importantly, is it actually going to get to where you need it to go to on time?

Well, Gift for Blokes knows that it was packaged up as soon as the order was sent on its merry way to you, but once we’ve handed responsibility over to Australia Post, we can honestly say we have no idea what happens in the world of postal delivery.

Thankfully, Australia Post have introduced a new thing onto their website that enables you to see just how late you’ve placed your order! It will also let you know roughly how long it will take for your order to reach its desired destination – rain, hail, sleet, snow and cyclones notwithstanding.

If you pop on over to the Australia Post Delivery Times page, enter the postcode from where the parcel will be sent (in our case, it is 3000) then enter the delivery address postcode and it will tell you roughly how long the package will take to deliver to you.

There’s also that other thing Australia Post now have, which is tracking codes on their pre-paid satchels, boxes and other postage envelopes. If you’ve been expecting a parcel and it hasn’t arrived, you can contact the sender for the tracking code. They can either follow it up from their end, or give you the code and you can check it out online.

You’ll be told whether the parcel is still in transit or has been delivered. There could very well be a lovely package awaiting collection sitting at your local PO.

What do you think of the new Dr Who?

Posted on 10 September 2014 | Comments Off

Doctor WhoThe ‘new’ Dr has hit our screens in the form of Peter Capaldi as the 12th regeneration of the long serving Doctor Who.

Whilst definitely more of a regeneration than a rejuvenation, there is something to be    said for the older, wiser, and wittier Dr Who in our midst.

Fans are a little divided on this new incarnation, with some fearing he is less ‘old and   wise’ and more along the lines of ‘old and dithery’.

“A fantastic episode and a welcome invitation to the entertainment industry to look past youth and (so called) beauty. Vastra’s clever and scathing indictment of prejudice and perception was just what “The Doctor” ordered.” (Andrew

“I thought that the start was just boring. I didn’t like how Peter Capaldi acted. I got so bored that I turned off the TV.” (Isabelle)

Interestingly, most negative comments are regarding the story line rather than the new Dr.

The Scottish accent may also take a little bit of getting used to, but this should surely become familiar sooner rather than later.

Of course, as will all changes and incantations of the fabulous Dr, we get to see a range of different personalities and personality traits. Some will no doubt grind on us, but other aspects will make us laugh or connect with us at some level or another.

Love him or hate him? What did you think of his new Dr Who and how well do you think Peter Capaldi has portrayed him?

I’d love to hear your comments.



Cooler Bags for Spring and Summer

Posted on 4 September 2014 | Comments Off

Spring has sprung, the weather is warming up and the barbeques will soon be shaking off their covers and cobwebs, ready for a few months of hard work.

The weather really is starting to look great for family gatherings and picnics with the football team as we welcome the end of season, and start gearing up for some long, relaxing days of cricket.

spiderman cooler bagA good bbq, or day at sports, can be marred by a lack of suitable equipment. A bout of food poisoning, or worse, warm beer, can ruin the day for everyone, so it’s vital that you not only have the barbie up and working adequately, and the gas bottle full, it’s also essential that the food and beverages that require chilling are chilled correctly.

This is where a decent cooler bag or two comes in handy . There’s something suitable for all kinds of blokes, and it’s probably worth getting a few so you can keep your salads separate from your meats, and your beers from your sweet wines. You don’t want to be getting any of those things mixed up.

ford cooler bagThey’re perfect and portable enough to take to the cricket, with enough room for all your essentials. They even make taking your lunch to work on those hot days more enjoyable, saving you loads of dosh, and providing you with something nutritious and delicious without having to leave the comfort of your office (or ute cab), sweating yourself up as you go in search of a cafe along with hundreds of others.

Whether your bloke is into Ford or Holden, or just wants to relive his youth and go all Spiderman with his lunch, we have something.

New Dr Who Gifts in Time for Father’s Day

Posted on 2 September 2014 | Comments Off

We know Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and for those of you who have inherited your father’s buy-it-at-the-last-minute gene, there’s still time for you!

Because we post out orders every day, Monday to Friday, and even though we’re extremely busy, thanks to so many people having inherited that last-minute gene, we’re still posting your orders to schedule.

doctor who bathrobe

Which means you still have time to grab your Dad a gift for this coming Father’s Day, and have it to him on time. We can also send your order directly to your Dad, Grandad or whomever you’d like to sent it to.

Simply place a gift message in the comments section when you work your way through the shopping cart. We’ll wrap the gift, and include a card at no extra charge!

So, not only will your Dad or Grandad get something from you, on time, but it won’t just be any gift. It’ll be something fantastic!

We’re always adding new goodies and we’ve just included some great Dr Who themed gifts.

A bathrobe he’ll actually wear and not feel silly wearing is always a good option. Whether he’s more a Tardis or a Dalek is entirely personal and up to you to decide, possibly determined by how long it will take before his walking around saying “Exterminate” wears off.

doctor who sonic screwdriverFor the handy man, a sonic screwdriver, complete with sound effects, is probably the only tool he’ll need to complete all those jobs around the house that still need completing.

doctor who tardis bottle openerOnce he’s done, he can whip the top off his beer with a Dr Who bottler opener of your choice. It, too, is complete with special sound effects, and sure to give him a delightful surprise.

Don’t stop there, there’s so much more.

Just remember to place your order soon, so we can ensure he gets it on time, and increase your chances of being his favourite child.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Posted on 28 August 2014 | Comments Off

Father's Day breakfastKids, this one’s for you.

Aside from giving him the perfect gift, do you have other plans to make your dad’s day special?

How about making him a nice breakfast, presented beautifully and served to him in bed?

You might even like to set the dining table up, fancy restaurant style, and spoil him a little by being his waiter for the morning.

All dads are different so breakfast will be personal to your dad. What sort of breakfast does your dad like?

Is he more of a fry up or cooked breaky man? Try a mix of bbq meats, a sausage, some bacon rashers, a chop or small steak and cook them up on the barbie. Toss on some eggs, warm up some baked beans and serve it hot with a strong coffee.

Don’t forget to give him the tomato sauce to top it all off.

If you’d prefer to go a little fancy, ask Mum to buy some Turkish or focaccia bread and toast it under the grill with some tomato and bacon. Boil, poach or fry some eggs, sauté some mushrooms and spinach in olive oil, and season lightly. Ask Mum for help with the cooking if you need to.

Pile the bacon and egg on the bread, and arrange the vegies on the side. Add a spring of parsley and you’ve just made it fancier still.

If he’s a simple man, happy with toast, you can make it special by using a special bread, or even a croissant or two, lightly grilled and smothered in butter and jam, or ham and cheese.  Serve it with tea or coffee – whatever he prefers – a fruit salad and yogurt, or a small plate of Danishes. He may even share!

What will you be doing to start your dad’s day off in a great way?

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on 25 August 2014 | Comments Off

Father's Day Gift GuideFather’s Day isn’t too far away now and if you’re still stuck for ideas, or worse, thinking of going with the stock standard pack of socks and undies for each day of the week, we’re here to help.

Aside from having a great range of gifts for you to choose from, whatever sort of dad your dad is, we’ve put together this handy Father’s Day Gift Guide for you .

Covering gift suggestions for outdoor dads through to business dads, and including all sorts of products to match your dad’s interests and hobbies, you can’t go wrong.

Golf enthusiast or beginner? You’ll find something to help his game.

Whether he’s into Star Wars or Dr Who, Ford or Holden our guide will help you to choose the perfect gift for your dad.

Maybe you just want to remind him how awesome he is?

To make dad’s day really special, though, you can present him with his perfect gift sitting alongside the breakfast you’ve lovingly made, or give him the day off and do his jobs for him.

Make the day a real family day, doing something fun and enjoyable together. Take dad to the beach or park and embark on some fun play and remind him how cool you think he is.

Don’t forget grandads, either, because they’re their own kind of special.

Once you’ve got the perfect gift organised, check out the Tips at the end of the Guide to make this Father’s Day the most special yet.  Place your order straight away to be sure it will arrive in time for Father’s Day.

Gift Ideas for Dad

Posted on 21 August 2014 | Comments Off

September 7th is Father’s Day so don’t Do A “Dad” and wait till the last minute, facing the supermarkets with hundreds of others to get that last minute gift he probably won’t want anyway.

By ordering your Dad’s gift online, now, you can rest assured your Dad will get his gift on time, and you will be deemed Favourite Child.

Not only that, but he will get a gift that he will actually use, love and appreciate.

For the Dad who likes a beer after work, and especially as we’re moving into the warmer months,  you can’t go past the Beer Chill Sticks http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/beer-chill-sticks/

Beer chill sticks for Father's Day

Better still, invest in some Stainless Steel Ice Balls http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/stainless-steel-ice-balls/ and you not only have something practical that can be used time and time again, but you afford him the opportunity to add to his Dad Joke repertoire and keep the family entertained for years to come.

ice balls, Father's Day

For the busy, working Dad who travels a bit, a Travel Tracker http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/luggage-tracker/ will give him one less thing to stress about. Throw in a Face/Arse Body Sponge http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/face-arse-body-sponge/  to free up some space in his luggage, and ensure he goes to his important meetings clean and refreshed in all the right places.

luggage tracker, Father's Day

From Travel Mugs to Worlds Best Dad and Superman Mugs, there is something here for every Dad, regardless of the sort of Dad your dad is.

What will your Dad be getting this Father’s Day? Order now and have it delivered in time.




Dad Jokes – the Flat, the Funny and the Fabulous

Posted on 20 August 2014 | Comments Off

dad jokesThe Dad Joke is one of the few institutions that knows no cultural, economic, nor global boundaries.

Regardless of your background, your ethnicity, the social and socioeconomic status of your family, or even what country you live in, the Dad Joke will be there.

Dad Jokes are rarely, if ever deemed inappropriate in any circumstance. From weddings to funerals, births and birthdays, from the evening family meal to those special moments you share, just you and your Dad.

“How’s your chicken, son?” he may ask.

“Good thanks, Dad,” is your reply.

“Mine’s fowl!” he replies, almost asphyxiating at his mirth.  Fowl – foul, get it?

The Family Road Trip cannot escape the clutches of the Dad Joke.

“Hey, look, there’s the dead centre of [whatever town it is you’re passing through],” says Dad, pointing to the local cemetery.

There are two common elements to the Dad Joke, the first being that they are rarely, if ever, funny the first time, much less the second, third, and 847th time.

Secondly, Dads continue to think that both they and the joke are ridiculously hilarious.

Given just how pervasive the Dad joke is we decided they needed to be rewarded for their efforts, their persistence and their tenacity, so we’re hosting a competition where you can win one of 5 $50 vouchers for Gifts for Blokes.

All we need to know, in 50 words or less, is your dad’s favourite joke.

With any luck, we’ll also be able to add to the collection of approximately five jokes that seem to have lasted the test of time and the only jokes that dads seem to know.

For more details visit http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/competitions.html 

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