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Birthday Coupons

Posted on 5 March 2015 | No responses

coupons_old__12887.1405412258.1280.1280 (1)Some birthdays are potentially so depressing the very best gift we give is a laugh. Birthday Coupons are exactly that, a chance to look at the lighter side of ageing. (And get a few digs in to the birthday bloke at the same time). These books of coupons are printed especially for those turning 40, 50 and 60, and there is also a book for those other birthdays, where the recipient is simply getting old!

Age is Irrelevant (Until You Hit 40) Coupons are for those just starting to feel their age. Many are still stunned they can’t drink without repercussions like they used to, and the grey hairs might be starting to outnumber the others. Their tired old egos need the privilege (one last time!) of having their ID checked at the bottle shop. They need reassurance, and a voucher, to allow them to wear the outdated, but comfortable shoes, and they need permission to snore the night away.

For those a bit older, How the Hell did 50 Happen? Coupons, and 60 and Still Rolling (Downhill Fast) coupons entitle the bearer to act their age, and gracefully, hilariously, begin the rites of passage reserved for elders.

For the in-between birthdays, or for those who no longer share (or know) their age, Getting Old Sucks (But it Beats the Alternative) Coupons entitle the bearer to a guilt free nap, or use of the phrase “Back in my day…” to name just two.

All the booklets are a convenient size to carry in a purse or wallet. The coupons can be torn out one at a time, or gifted as a complete 50 page booklet.

As our friends and relatives get older, it is not polite to laugh at them. Fortunately, with Birthday Coupons, you’ll be able to laugh with them!

“I Think I’m a Poof”

Posted on 2 March 2015 | Comments Off

poofHave you ever thought about how you would react if your daughter or son came to you with the intention to… “come out” to you? This probably is an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people out there, but just imagine it happened. How would you react? What would you say? Maybe every parent around the world should prepare for this moment. You don’t choose your sexual orientation – your children don’t get to choose theirs and every parent around the world may have to lead this conversation at some point. And if that moment comes, your children may be upset, scared, troubled and they will need you to tell them something to make them feel better.

Fortunately, you don’t have to find out what to tell them on your own. Maybe, if you start preparing now, you wouldn’t have to tell them anything at all and the whole thing would be much less tense and stressful. And one of the resources to help you prepare for it is the book ‘I Think I’m a Poof’ by the young Sydney-based queer writer and director Samuel Leighton-Dore, which was launched on 18 February 2015. The book is about the young boy Johnny who is troubled by the fact he might be a ‘poof’ and he comes out to his father. And the father reacts the proper way, telling him he doesn’t care and explaining why being homosexual is not a bad thing.

The book was funded with the help of Pozible – a platform for crowd funding, helping people to realise their projects. It is a children’s book written in rhyme and available to buy for $25 online from the website of the project. The main thing, however, is not buying the book – if you wanted, you could hear it read by three Australian dads whose sons came out of the closet on YouTube. What is more important is spreading the message ‘I Think I’m a Poof’ tries to convey. We live in a very important period of time. A time that may one day be known for some of the biggest achievements for the rights of the LGBTIQQA community. A time that saw Alan Turing pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II, 18 countries and most US states allowing same-sex marriage, and books like ‘I Think I’m a Poof’ being written and published.

For these three dads reading the book in the video, what they heard from their sons was not a surprise. Perhaps most parents of homosexuals know what they are going to hear long before the moment of “coming out”. The problem is, children don’t always know that parents know, that they will accept it and be okay with it; and that they will love them, no matter what. And these children have some really bad moments – being teased at school, teasing themselves, blaming themselves for who and what they are. But they don’t have to live through all that.

Your child may be homosexual or not, they may have felt it already or not. Just get the book, sit down and read it to them. If, at some point, it turns out that they can associate with little Johnny, they will know that they can depend on your support. If they are straight, they will see that there is nothing wrong in being “on the other side”. And when they get to know a different kid at school, they won’t call him a “fag”, as the book says, but will try to accept the difference. Because that’s how things should be.

“Even with the support of a loving family, coming out at sixteen was one of the hardest things I’ve done. And I can’t help but wonder whether I might have felt braver, sooner, should a book like this have come in to my possession back then,” says the author of ‘I Think I’m a Poof’. And now the “book like this” is out and available for everyone to read. Your children will be who they are no matter what, but this can certainly make life far easier for them.

What You Need To Know About Beer

Posted on 26 February 2015 | Comments Off

beer-422138_640Beer is, and has long been, established as the go to beverage. It is the one drink you can have to relax after a long day, to take to barbecues, to share with your mates, or catch up with a few colleagues to wind down after a long week at work.

It is the stalwart for any social gathering, TV sports watching, or just keeping cool on a stinking hot day.

It isn’t, however, simply “beer”. It is far more sophisticated and complex than that.

It is a highly drinkable substance that has been made since long before any recorded history. Possibly since the nomadic cavemen stopped wandering about and settled into one place so they could watch over and tend to their crops.

Four ingredients go into creating this delicious amber liquid; malt, hops (generally barley), yeast, and water. They are mixed in a barrel, where the yeast feasts upon the sugars in the malt and hops, causing it to let off a gas, CO2, which creates the bubbles, and alcohol.

A whole heap over other factors come into play here, including but not limited to how long it sits in the barrels to ferment, and they type of yeast used.

The upshot is, beer falls into one of two categories; they are either an ale or a lager.

Ales are darker in colour, are warm and complex, are flavoursome, with a strong, rich taste and accompanying aroma, and tend to be a little sweeter than lagers. They are perfect for chilly nights, steak dinners, and warming your soul. They can also be served at room temperature, although that may tend to be affected by where you live. A room temperature of 43° C may not make for a relaxing beer at the end of the day.

Lagers, on the other hand, are simple beings. Lighter in colour, flavour, and sweetness, they are cold, clean, crisp and refreshing. These are the perfect refresher for those hot days.

If you want to take it one step further, beers even have flavours!

Like wine with their lemony, peppery, berry, creamy essences, beer not only contains these elements (depending on the beer) but also falls into taste categories.

Beers can be:

  • Hoppy: possessing a bitter flavour
  • Floral: sweet, with notes of other flavours
  • Dry: no sweetness detected
  • Malted: the flavour of the malt is evident
  • Bready: a yeasty flavour, very much like the taste of bread

That’s just the basics of beer, and pretty much all you need to know.

Next time you head out, you’ll not only be able to select the right beer for the occasion, you’ll also be able to adequately choose the best beer to go with the meal you’ve ordered, and impress everyone with your knowledge.


The iRing For Your iPhone

Posted on 24 February 2015 | Comments Off

iringYou know those moments where you have your hands full, juggling your coffee, important documents, and you need your phone handy?

It’s either situated in your pants pocket, or you’re at great risk of dropping it, or worse, inadvertently deleting important apps, or you can’t easily get your hands on it.

This is where the iRing comes in. It is a detachable and reusable sticky ring that you can easily attach to the back of your iPhone so you can wear it, quite literally, as a ring.

Unlike most iPhone related products, this one can also be used for other smartphones, as well as tablets up to 6.8kg in weight.

iring 2Securely attached to your hand, you have immediate access to your phone at all times, without fear of the all-too-common dropping it and shattering the screen. Many of us have experienced the inconvenience of this mishap, and don’t wish it upon anyone.

The iRing is far more versatile than just keeping your phone permanently on hand (pardon the pun!). It also acts as a phone stand, placing your phone at a suitable angle for keeping an eye out for incoming messages or notifications, watching videos or playing games.

Your phone can also be set up in portrait or landscape mode, and is easily and readily adjusted.

An accompanying hook allows you to hook your phone, via the iRing, to any surface required so your phone is right where you need it, whenever you need it; in the car, in the kitchen, or just out of reach of the kids.

So versatile and handy is it that we couldn’t resist stocking them at Gifts for Blokes. They come in four colours (gold, silver, black and white) and are just a really useful gift for anyone; including your bloke … and yourself.

Get yours here – http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/iring/.

Dogs – Best Mates and Health Guards

Posted on 20 February 2015 | Comments Off

dogsEveryone knows (or at least everyone who has seen ‘How I Met Your Mother’ knows) that there are only two types of people in the world – cat lovers and dog lovers. And these two, according to urban folklore, are to keep apart from each other for eternity. Anyway, do you know why the average bloke does not have a cat for a pet instead of a dog? According to this fun Men’s Health post – because cats do not worship their owners!

And now, for the serious part – when it comes to dogs, we all should know that they are not called ‘a man’s best friend’ without a reason. Actually, it appears that dogs are really good for the health of their owners and this has been claimed by many sources. For example, a research team at the University of California, San Francisco found that a dog at home may prevent your children from catching the common cold and improve their general health. Isn’t this cool? But wait – there is more to the story!

A recent study in the American Journal of Cardiology showed that dogs are good for your heart, too – it appears that there is a connection between having a dog and having less heart problems. According to the study, blokes who have dogs and experience a heart attack are less likely to die in the following 12 months compared to those who do not have a dog. Maybe this is related to the fact that having a dog requires from you to do some walking, which can’t fail to keep you fit. Actually, it was proven that dog owners walk twice as much as those who have no dogs, and children who grow up with dogs around are more likely to exercise actively.

dogs best matesDogs are also good for your mental health – it is proven that having a dog means feeling lonely very rarely, as they are soon considered a part of the family, not a pet. They also help you deal with all forms of anxiety – probably because seeing them interact with other dogs without anything to restrain them makes you think ‘They can immediately become friends, and so can I with someone else!’.

To celebrate the healthy connection between dogs and blokes, Gifts for Blokes now offers the amazing Best Mates – Australia photo book, which contains dozens of photographs of blokes with their best mates. Some of them are really funny, while others take a serious, almost philosophical approach to life as we know it. If one of the blokes around you is mad about their dog, make sure you get them this precious gift and just imagine how the two of them would sit together looking through it and thinking ‘We look better than them…’

Why Men Who Love Dogs Are Great Partners

Posted on 16 February 2015 | Comments Off

dog-622695_640So, you are facing the eternal dilemma again – you are starting to feel something for this guy, but is he the right one…

Well, after you check all the horoscopes and have a personalised tarot reading, you could turn your attention to the entourage of your new intended – does he have a dog, and if yes – what kind? You may be surprised that we ask this question, but it is a fact that men who love dogs are great partners, and you will just see why!

To start with, you must have heard the famous thought of Alphonse Marie-Louise d’Lamartine: “We have not two hearts – one for the animals, and the other for man.” Basically, this means that if he loves his dog and is gentle and good to him, this means that he is good with people, too. However, if he has a dog and doesn’t love the poor animal, beating him or yelling at him, this may mean that he just seems nice with you, but is actually suppressing his temper, so be very careful!

Anyway, let us focus on the guys who have dogs and love them. Have you noticed how often dogs and owners have so much in common – sometimes they even look like each other! Well, according to Liana Sepulveda from the Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies in Santa Monica, CA, “There is a definite correlation between a guy’s dog and his personality.” For example, if the chosen canine is a Jack Russell Terrier, you are probably dealing with a super-hyper individual, while if he walks a Poodle, there may be a high chance that you will have to stay ‘just friends’ forever. To find out more about your future SO’s character based on the dog he has, check out the rest of the dog breeds included in this useful post by Glo.

If we put aside the guesswork for a moment, there are some things that are certainly true for guys with dogs, unless they are a very big exception! To start with, everyone who owns a dog, knows that even the smallest of them really require a lot of care, especially if they live indoors. It is like a baby who never grows up, so your guy will always have to bath it, clean after it, feed it and walk it at least 2 times a day, take it to the vet regularly, train it and sort out its mischief. This really means a lot of patience and also shows that this guy can be relied on when it comes to children – he is already used to taking care of another dependent being!

In addition to that, a guy with a dog will be a good planner – he always needs to find a place for his pet if he is going away; he will be active and possibly fit – all that walking must have some impact; and he will certainly be a cuddler, even if he is not too keen on it – after all, the dog just comes and cuddles, it doesn’t ask if you are up to it or not!

To cut a long story short, there are no negative sides of being with a bloke who has a dog – except that he may love the dog more than you! Anyway, you will probably be able to win at least equal love, and from all that we said, it seems that the guy is worth the effort! And, of course, you will get to have a dog without any of the responsibilities related to it, which is always a plus, isn’t it?

Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day

Posted on 12 February 2015 | Comments Off

Valentine's DayFlowers and romantic dinners, jewellery and chocolates, and as much love and gush as you can put into a small, expensive looking box are all a woman wants for Valentine’s Day, right?


Well, not wrong necessarily – because a gift of flowers and jewellery is nice. Very, very nice indeed and for many women, this is a great show of love from you to her.

However, it is also somewhat unimaginative and mainstream, don’t you think?

Whilst you won’t necessarily go wrong with the flowers/jewellery thing, sometimes thinking outside the box will really let her know you love her.

Sometimes all it takes is a night off cooking the dinner. A romantic dinner out is a great idea, somewhere nice, special and definitely unexpected, or somewhere that means a lot to you both. If a baby sitter is hard to organise, if you have little ones at a home, create the perfect, romantic dinner for her.

Don an apron, enlist the kids if they’re old enough, and make her feel special. Sit her down with a drink, put her feet up for her and create a memorable moment for you both. Try not to burn anything.

All she may need to know she is loved is for you to recognise what causes her stress and angst, or know what means something to her; a gift, some special time together, a night off, a movie, or even just finally tending to that job around the house you’ve been putting off for six months.

Better still, because you love her, just tell her you love her.

The gift is simply an added bonus and a way to reinforce your love for her.

If the gift is stressing you, let it go and just be honest with her. Open up, talk and tell her everything she means to you. All of it!

In fact, why wait for Valentine’s Day? Why not do it “just because”?

(Gifts for Blokes do not recommend NOT doing anything on Valentine’s Day – we suggest, for your own safety and wellbeing that you do it Valentine’s Day as well as “just because”.)

What’s For Lunch?

Posted on 10 February 2015 | Comments Off

fruits-82524_640With all the joy and excitement of your blokes, both the big ones and the little ones, back to work and school respectively comes the joy of deciding what they’re getting for lunch. Many of them could, of course, simply get their own lunches and not rely on you to prepare it for them. Some of them need a little more help.

As tempting as it can be to get all creative and inspired in the lunch making department, especially if you’ve found yourself searching the web for ideas, you don’t need to go all out. It is important to include a variety of foods; for flavour, for texture, and most importantly to provide adequate nutrition for your bloke to get him through the day. You also need to consider cost and efficiency.

The most cost effective and easy inclusions in any lunch box is fruit. Grab an apple, a peach, a pear, a banana, a kiwi fruit…anything that you can hold in one hand and not have to peel is a great option.

cooler bagAnything you can grab by the handful, like berries, grapes, cherry tomatoes or mushrooms are also great. Just make sure they’re packed into a firm container that can’t be squashed or easily broken.

Vegies are another great idea, although these will generally need slicing, dicing or cutting in one way or another, and placed in a suitable container. They do have lower squish factor than fruit, though, so that’s important to consider.

Reduce lunch box cost and rubbish by ditching the snack packs altogether. A handful of breakfast cereals makes a great snack, is generally more nutritious than most packaged snacks and has a novelty factor for many. Nuts are also a great idea if there if there are no allergy sufferers in the family and a handful of mixed nuts can help your bloke get through the day.

Something substantial for lunch is always a necessity, so a sandwich or two, or a roll of some sort, ideally made with wholemeal bread with some cheese and deli or leftover roast meat, cucumber and lettuce is perfect. It has all the nutrition needed and is filling enough to get them through to afternoon tea time. Tomatoes are best avoided as they make the bread soggy. Tuna is a great idea, but best sent in its original can and added to the sandwich at the last moment.

Keep it all safe in a suitable container, and on those hot days, remember to pack it in a cooler bag.

Decorate His Desk

Posted on 5 February 2015 | Comments Off

dalekWorkspaces, whether the desk at the office, or the study desk in the corner of the living room, can be, well, rather boring, uninspiring places.

And we all know being inspired generates creativity and productivity, so to get the best out of your bloke, get his workspace looking as inspiring – or fun – as you can. Whether he’s at the office, working from home or in his man shed, or it’s your slightly younger bloke who refuses to do his homework, he’ll need it!

Computer Sitters always add an element of fun to any workspace. Whether you choose Batman, Darth Vader or Yoda, or even Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, you’ve given your bloke an element of personalisation in his workspace. Not to mention something that he enjoys.

Practical products may be more his thing, so a tablet holder or the highly trendy moustache telephone stand are ideal. They help keep the workspace tidy AND on trend.

Nice pens are also a nice touch, and help with the creative flow of both the workspace and getting ideas out of heads and onto paper. It’s not just the feel of the pen that’s important, it also has to look good and mean something to the operator.

Keeping pens safe from thievery can also be a bit of an issue, so a Dr Who Dalek desk top patrol will help with that issue. Posing as a simple desktop ornament for the Dr Who fan, it will deter and exterminate (not really) any threats to your personal workspace. Emitting a frequent “Exterminate” as it roams your desktop, without causing chaos and mess, it will keep potential pen thieves at bay.

Kick start your blokes year off with some fun and inspiration with some gifts for his desk.

Back To Work

Posted on 3 February 2015 | Comments Off

pacmanThe holiday period is well and truly over and even our last vestige of a ‘break from work’, more commonly known as the Australia Day public holiday, is behind us. Now it’s time to get our heads completely into work mode, and accept the daily trek to the office for some productivity and focus.

Thankfully, Gifts for Blokes have a few things to make that transition a little easier, a little less stressful, and more likely to cause a smile or two.

Without a doubt, a decent mug for your daily hot beverage is a definite sanity saver for the days at work. From heat activated Pac Man and Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver mugs for the desk, or the more practical and suitable-for-the-workshop or man cave enamel workshop mug will ensure a necessary kickstarter is always on hand.

crocodileSome blokes may even prefer an energy boost on the way to work, which is where you can’t go wrong with the ever-essential travel mug.

Keep the mind and workload in check with a notepad that will sit neatly on the desktop, or one that will not only look great, but will also keep a pen at the ready for when you need.

Clearing the desk clutter can be another problem, and one that has the effect of cluttering the mind. Help keep the desk clear of ‘junk’ with a desktop skip, and free from marks and stains with a set of coasters that will also put a smile on any bloke’s face (and those of his work colleagues).

Just for something fun and funky, as well as being very useful, a pewter shark or croc stapler will make any bloke feel special, and any desk look fabulous, when it’s back to the daily grind.

Get your bloke back to work, organised and smiling this year. What will you do to help with the back to work transition for your bloke?

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