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Holden Torana – Which Is Your Favourite?

Posted on 23 April 2015 | No responses

lc_gtr_yellow_dolly__07423.1427163563.1280.1280At Gifts for Blokes, we know that you and your boys are fans of the most Aussie car – the Holden Torana. Therefore, we decided to expand our selection of great Holden Torana scaled models so that we can provide the best choice on the market. Each of the five Torana toys we currently have in stock is fit to become part of the collection of every auto lover, or put the start to such a collection. If you are looking for a great gift for the next special occasion in the calendar, this is the option you would want to keep in mind, because your blokes will simply love it!

All our Torana models are an exact version of the original car, created in a 1:32 scale and with a length of 13 cm. Having one of these means having a perfect little copy of the original Aussie pride – with seats, mirrors, steering wheels and an engine. All doors, bonnets and boots can be opened and inside you can see what you would in a real car – just cutely and conveniently smaller. As for the engines, the high level of detail skilfully incorporated into the cars will convince you that this is a real car that every Lilliput with a driving license would be able to use.

lc_torana_plum_dinger__00519.1427163247.1280.1280Our Torana models are made of high-quality diecast metal, durable enough to extend their life to basically forever. In addition, they have removable mats in the boots, and, of course – seat belts promoting the importance of safe driving. Therefore, your little (or big) bloke will be enjoying himself playing with their little Torana, learning about its engine and always keeping safety in mind.

The Holden Torana models we currently have in stock are:

If you have a really keen Torana fan at home, you could add another item to your gift – a great Holden Torana tin sign that will fit perfectly in your bloke’s man cave or workshop. The sign is available for two models – the Holden Torana LJ GTR – XU1 and the Holden SLR 5000 Torana and measures 400mm x 280 mm.

Now that you know more about our collection of Holden Torana merchandise, you are probably eager to choose one and order it as soon as possible, so head up to our website and keep in mind the shipping arrangements – we usually ship in 24 hours and you will have your item within 1 to 10 days depending on your location. You can find more about postage in our FAQ section.

Blokes And Their Daughters

Posted on 21 April 2015 | Comments Off

iStock_000010225658_SmallShe won’t be daddy’s little girl forever, but blokes have a lasting impact on how their daughters see themselves, playing a bigger role than some realise in how confident she is and how she values her own worth.

Though they have no personal experience of girlhood, blokes with daughters have a few short decades to lead their daughters towards empowered womanhood. The teenage years especially, when it seems many blokes take a step back from front-line parenting of girls, is actually a time when they will benefit a great deal from dad staying close.

Being sure of their fathers’ unconditional love helps girls be less accepting of inferior treatment by peers (especially boyfriends), protecting her from teenage douches who might otherwise break her heart. Having fathers who value them for their opinions, abilities and potential, with less emphasis on their appearance, helps girls develop their minds and careers confidently, without becoming obsessed with pervasive beauty deals. Girls should be given opportunity to know their own physical strength, too, so they grow up appreciating their own body’s abilities, no matter its size or shape. Many women experience being a range of sizes in their lives, but the fears of being too fat or too flat are weakest in women who know they can confidently kick some behind if need be.

Blokes who tell their daughters they can do anything, regardless of gender “norms”, are the ones whose daughters will grow to prove dad right. Whether it’s maths or changing a tire, unwavering doubt that she can do it is the most important tool she needs to actually be able to.

Girls need fathers who believe in their abilities to problem solve, and guide them to make good decisions for themselves. This will eventually lead girls to be self reliant women, capable of  enormous feats of resilience. A sense of empowerment, in part instilled by their dads, will help girls navigate through many challenges in their lives.

Mastering Laundry – Folding Your T-shirts

Posted on 16 April 2015 | Comments Off

You’ve done a great job with the laundry. Your clothes are all clean and dry.

But how do they get from the pile in the basket into your wardrobe? Well, you either need to hang your items up or fold them to be put away.

Why bother folding? So that your clothes look neat and crisp when you finally put them on. No matter how clean your clothes are, if they are all creased and crinkled, you look dirty and uncared for.

T-shirts can be hard to fold so that they don’t crease but we’re about to show you a great technique that will keep your shirts in shape and looking good when you wear them.

Take a look at the clip and then get out and practice the technique. You’ll soon be looking you’re your smooth and sophisticated self once again.

Mastering Laundry – Using The Washing Machine.

Posted on 14 April 2015 | Comments Off

Deep in the bowels of your family laundry, there is a big white machine that washes your clothes for you. While women seem to be able to control the big white beast, some blokes find it a bit daunting. All those knobs and buttons on top panel can be confusing, and how’s a bloke supposed to know which ones he needs to push?

If you’re a total beginner when it comes to washing your own clothes, this video will help you understand what to do. It might also explain why your wife says “Don’t put them in that pile” when you toss your dirty overalls onto her pile of whites.

Just remember:

You don’t have to use hot water. Cold water works well in most cases (and saves energy).

You don’t have to put your clothes in the dryer. You can hang them on the clothes line (which saves energy).

So here you go. Let your learning commence.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys – The Game

Posted on 9 April 2015 | Comments Off

mrs brownPopular domestic diva Agnes Brown has been thrilling audiences with her outrageously honest observations since the 1990s, when she first appeared in books, plays and on the stage. This straight talking Irish Grandma garnered additional legions of adoring fans when her award winning BBC series premiered on the telly in 2011. Now you and your friends can get in on all of the laughter and rip roaring fun from the show when you play The Mrs. Brown’s Boys Ultimate Party Game.

In this game, players race to take their token from the starting point to Party Night, which is the finish line. To move their token, players roll a dice to determine how many places to move, and then must successfully complete a challenge to advance.

Challenges are grouped into four categories: Talk, Act, “What am I?” and Draw. If the player lands on Talk, Draw or Act, they select a performance card that has a word printed on it and then perform the action to get the other players to guess the word before the timer runs out. If the player lands on the “What Am I?” space, they select one of these cards, keep it face down so that they can’t see it and then place it into the headband that is on their forehead. They then ask the other players questions to gain insight to help them guess the answer before the timer runs out. When the other players answer, they can only say yes or no, which makes the task a bit more difficult. As players soon learn, the answers that they provide during game play, as well as the words that are printed on each of the cards, are the source of endless laughs and amusement.

Adding to the hilarious frenzy, the timer is designed to go off at random, somewhere between 20 to 45 seconds after it is set, and interrupts the action of the game with famous words and phrases said in Mrs. Brown’s voice. When Mrs. Brown speaks, if she giggles, the player can stay in place. The player can advance one space if she says, “That’s nice,” or “Would you like a cup of tea, love?” If she says anything else, and who knows what’s going to come out of Mrs. Brown’s mouth, players must go back two spaces. Of course, if the player successfully completes the challenge before the timer goes off, they can roll again and attempt another challenge.

The game comes with the board, one die labeled 1-2-3, 80 performance cards, 20 “What am I” cards, pencil, headgear, and drawing pad. The timer is included as well, but requires 3 AAA batteries to work. The batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.

As committed fans of the series already know, Mrs. Brown is known for her colourful and at times bawdy euphemisms and expressions, so this game is really not recommended for players under the age of 16.  As with most board games, caution should be used when playing around young children as it does contain small parts. This fast paced action game is designed for two to four players, and is certain to brighten up an afternoon or liven up the evening after dinner.

Rules For Living Longer

Posted on 7 April 2015 | Comments Off

boy-20233_640Even if you live to 100, life tends to be too short, and often at least part of our lives is spent dealing with a significant illness or health concern. That’s why most of us recognise the importance of taking steps to improve our own health and the health of those around us. When we are in optimum health, we not only increase the odds of living a long life, we have the strength and energy to fully experience and enjoy the magical and mysterious world around us.

In recent years, healthcare experts such as the world renowned oncologist Dr. David Agus have focussed on finding ways to improve health and extend the lives of their patients. Here are a few of his commonsense tips from his most recent book, A Short Guide to a Long Life. While you may have heard much of this advice from your parents or a wise Grandma, these are steps that you can take to ensure you get to stick around and enjoy life as long as possible.

Make a point to smile every day. Smiling releases your body’s natural painkillers, known as endorphins, improving your mood and endurance and lifting the spirits of everyone around you. Adopting a positive attitude and finding constructive ways to deal with stress on a daily basis will also improve your mood and add years to your lifespan.

Skip detoxes, juicing and fad diets. You can promote the health of your body by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This includes, limiting your intake of red meat, enjoying a serving of a cold water fish such as salmon or mackerel three times a week, eating fresh vegetables and fruits as well as drinking natural sources of caffeine, such as tea in coffee, in moderation.

Get up and get moving, as sitting around all day is more dangerous to your health and longevity than smoking or drinking. Dr. Agus supports the advice given by Hippocrates many centuries ago: “walking is the best medicine”. He suggests that you aim for at least 30 minutes of walking each day, and that you also participate in a daily activity that raises your heart rate 50% above its resting rate for at least 15 minutes a day.

Take steps to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep each night. Missing less than two hours of sleep each night decreases your alertness each day by over 30%. It also leaves you feeling groggy and can contribute to over-eating, anxiety and stress, which all lead to an increase in inflammation throughout the body.

To fight inflammation, take a low dose of Aspirin each day. Doing so will dramatically slash your risk of heart disease, as well as breast, colon and prostate cancers.

Stop slouching. Your parents and teachers were on to something when they told you to sit up straight. People who slouch have a greater risk of heart disease and death from nearly any cause. So, take some steps to improve your posture by strengthening the core muscles in your abdomen and lower back. This way sitting, standing and walking tall will come easy and feel natural to you. You will also decrease your risk of headaches, TMJ and back pain while also reducing your risk of dying early.

How much is your life worth to you? Obtaining good health is truly priceless. Many blokes are known for their bad habits which can shorten their lives, but most of Dr. Agus’s recommendations are relatively simple lifestyle changes that can add years to our lives. Why not get started today on improving your health with these easy fixes?

Easter Sale Time

Posted on 1 April 2015 | Comments Off

Easter sale

There is nothing like a good sale, and here at Gifts For Blokes we have lined up a great one. The best way we figured to make sure everybody gets what they want this Easter is to reduce the price of every item in store by a whole 20% ! If there is something you have been eyeing up, for yourself, your sweetheart or your best mate, lock it in this week before stock hops away on you.

We have a great range of books for avid readers, a choice Star Wars line for the sci-fi fans, and a thorough selection of grooming gear, for the guys who love nothing better than to gaze in the mirror at their own handsome visage. Where else but Gifts for Blokes are you going to get a cake of soap that looks like a goldfish you might win at a fairground? Seriously.

There is a wide range of photo frames just waiting to show off your happiest snaps, and some great accessories to add to an at-home-bar. The lifestyle enhancers are lining the store shelves, and start at prices kind on the wallet, ranging up to significantly generous gifts. Big or small, the 20% off price saving is the same, and is calculated in the final price at the checkout.

A neat range of novelty signs ensures there will be no mistaking the “Man Cave”, or no question about when “Happy Hour” begins. Who knew something so fun could be so useful? Speaking of useful, have a peek at the Clocks, also 20% off! They will either encourage a bloke will meet all appointments, or guarantee he’ll be fashionably late.

Easter is just a few days away, but there is still time to hop through the options at Gifts for Blokes.

20% off sale ends midnight Tuesday, April 7th.





The Story Of The Tooletries Bag

Posted on 25 March 2015 | Comments Off

tooletrieesWhen brothers Josh and Saul Cockburn decided to design the Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case, they were driven by two major factors: firstly, that men are hard to buy a gift for, especially for big events like Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc., and secondly – that there was a need for a product with a similar design that will prove invaluable during travels of any kind.

When the brothers started the ambitious project of creating the perfect toiletry bag for men, they jumped in headfirst, without wasting too much time on hesitation or doubts. Together, they created the concept of a high-quality toiletry bag that will hold all the tools a man needs while on a trip – hence the name Tooletries. Seeing what they have created and knowing that they can have nothing to lose but can only grow big, the Josh and Saul hired professional design engineers and prepared prototypes of the product. It was perfect and just the way they imagined it, they knew that there is only one thing they needed to do – Kickstarter!

From there everything escalated quickly. Josh and Saul asked for $10,000 AUD and offered different incentives for their supporters, including Tooletries bags in a preferred colour and, for the most generous donors – engraved initials. Imagine how they felt after 40 days, when instead of $10,000 AUD, their crowdfunding project ended up with $48,627 AUD in the box!

Now, less than a year later, the Tooletries Bathroom Travel case is already being sold in the USA, the UK and Australia and, as you can imagine, we at Gifts for Blokes are proud to have it in stock. For only $49, you can get your bloke his own tough rugged toilet bag made of high-grade materials and available in two colours – black or grey. With its hard-shelled case, sleek modern form, minimal weight and removable elastic mesh netting, the case is exactly what you need when he will need on his trips – a safe sturdy tool-box-like case that wouldn’t let water in or out and will keep everything in there safe and ordered.

Go to our website now, choose your preferred colour and order your Tooletries Travel Case to get it in your mailbox in the next few days. Don’t forget that you can always combine it with some of our other popular travel products, like the indispensable Shaving & Grooming Travel Kit or one of our Happy Flight Travel Pouches.

“Time to book our flights, honey!”

What’s For Dinner?

Posted on 24 March 2015 | Comments Off

cookingIn households across the country, the most dreaded question at the end of the day is often, “What’s for dinner?” The person asking clearly has no intention of fixing it themselves, and it requires a whole bunch of hard thinking, when most of us are ready to just have a little vino and watch some mindless TV.

But what if the answer was easy? Better yet, what if the answer was delicious and (offensively) funny as well? Inspired by the popularity of his website of the same name, Zach Golden’s cookbook,“What the F*@k Should I Make For Dinner?”, gives fifty scrumptious, affordable and achievable answers to the dreaded question.

Golden is an experienced professional cook, a writer, and a fan of gratuitous swearing; basically a triple threat to the world of bloke friendly cook books. The easy on the eyes layout, pictures to make your mouth water and clear instructions to make full meals (that won’t break the bank) all make this cookbook massively appealing.

It would get a lot of use in any household, overflowing swear jar or not. It is even likely to teach those teenage blokes (who tend to eat mum and dad out of house and home) a thing or two about fending for one’s self, and might encourage them to contribute occasionally to the family’s need for daily sustenance.

If your bloke is a student just moved out of home, or is living the bachelor life, you can be pretty sure he won’t starve or live off week old pizza if he has this tome within arm’s reach. It will be much more fun to go to his place to sup as well, if you know the answer to “What’s for dinner?” is going to be something awesome, even if it is a little profane.

What To Get Your Bloke For Easter

Posted on 19 March 2015 | Comments Off

recipesOne of the great things about Easter is the chocolate, but if your bloke doesn’t have a sweet tooth it doesn’t meant he has to miss out. It probably works out better all round if you find something unexpected for him. (More chocolate for you!)

Gifts for Blokes has a whole lot of awesome gift ideas that men can really appreciate. From novelty presents to collectors items, there is a super wide range. Something right for every budget, and every guy.

winebottleThis time of year the heat is tapering off in most of the country, so it can be a good time to get some golfing in, or enjoy just about any outdoor activity really, before it gets chilly. If your bloke is so inclined, have a look at the Golf Gifts, Nautical and Fishing, and Outdoors and BBQ parts of our store.

There are oodles of accessories and novelties to enhance his hobby time.

Any time of year is a good time for new reading material, and who doesn’t like to sit with a new book and a cup of tea, or perhaps something stronger? Gifts for Blokes has books to pique your man’s interest, whether he is into cars, cricket, beer, or babies. And for the accompanying beverage there’s a great range of cups and mugs, or openers and holders. Check out the Books tab, and the Bar/Wine/Stubby tab if that sounds more like your bloke.

Shopping at Gifts for Blokes it is easy to find neat stuff your bloke will like. There are Dad Gifts, Desk and Office Gifts, and Retro Style Gifts too. Most blokes claim to be pretty simple, so have a look around the store, and see what you can do to make sure your chocolate stash remains all yours!

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