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Father’s Day Breakfast

Posted on 28 August 2014 | No responses

Father's Day breakfastKids, this one’s for you.

Aside from giving him the perfect gift, do you have other plans to make your dad’s day special?

How about making him a nice breakfast, presented beautifully and served to him in bed?

You might even like to set the dining table up, fancy restaurant style, and spoil him a little by being his waiter for the morning.

All dads are different so breakfast will be personal to your dad. What sort of breakfast does your dad like?

Is he more of a fry up or cooked breaky man? Try a mix of bbq meats, a sausage, some bacon rashers, a chop or small steak and cook them up on the barbie. Toss on some eggs, warm up some baked beans and serve it hot with a strong coffee.

Don’t forget to give him the tomato sauce to top it all off.

If you’d prefer to go a little fancy, ask Mum to buy some Turkish or focaccia bread and toast it under the grill with some tomato and bacon. Boil, poach or fry some eggs, sauté some mushrooms and spinach in olive oil, and season lightly. Ask Mum for help with the cooking if you need to.

Pile the bacon and egg on the bread, and arrange the vegies on the side. Add a spring of parsley and you’ve just made it fancier still.

If he’s a simple man, happy with toast, you can make it special by using a special bread, or even a croissant or two, lightly grilled and smothered in butter and jam, or ham and cheese.  Serve it with tea or coffee – whatever he prefers – a fruit salad and yogurt, or a small plate of Danishes. He may even share!

What will you be doing to start your dad’s day off in a great way?

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on 25 August 2014 | Comments Off

Father's Day Gift GuideFather’s Day isn’t too far away now and if you’re still stuck for ideas, or worse, thinking of going with the stock standard pack of socks and undies for each day of the week, we’re here to help.

Aside from having a great range of gifts for you to choose from, whatever sort of dad your dad is, we’ve put together this handy Father’s Day Gift Guide for you .

Covering gift suggestions for outdoor dads through to business dads, and including all sorts of products to match your dad’s interests and hobbies, you can’t go wrong.

Golf enthusiast or beginner? You’ll find something to help his game.

Whether he’s into Star Wars or Dr Who, Ford or Holden our guide will help you to choose the perfect gift for your dad.

Maybe you just want to remind him how awesome he is?

To make dad’s day really special, though, you can present him with his perfect gift sitting alongside the breakfast you’ve lovingly made, or give him the day off and do his jobs for him.

Make the day a real family day, doing something fun and enjoyable together. Take dad to the beach or park and embark on some fun play and remind him how cool you think he is.

Don’t forget grandads, either, because they’re their own kind of special.

Once you’ve got the perfect gift organised, check out the Tips at the end of the Guide to make this Father’s Day the most special yet.  Place your order straight away to be sure it will arrive in time for Father’s Day.

Gift Ideas for Dad

Posted on 21 August 2014 | Comments Off

September 7th is Father’s Day so don’t Do A “Dad” and wait till the last minute, facing the supermarkets with hundreds of others to get that last minute gift he probably won’t want anyway.

By ordering your Dad’s gift online, now, you can rest assured your Dad will get his gift on time, and you will be deemed Favourite Child.

Not only that, but he will get a gift that he will actually use, love and appreciate.

For the Dad who likes a beer after work, and especially as we’re moving into the warmer months,  you can’t go past the Beer Chill Sticks http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/beer-chill-sticks/

Beer chill sticks for Father's Day

Better still, invest in some Stainless Steel Ice Balls http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/stainless-steel-ice-balls/ and you not only have something practical that can be used time and time again, but you afford him the opportunity to add to his Dad Joke repertoire and keep the family entertained for years to come.

ice balls, Father's Day

For the busy, working Dad who travels a bit, a Travel Tracker http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/luggage-tracker/ will give him one less thing to stress about. Throw in a Face/Arse Body Sponge http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/face-arse-body-sponge/  to free up some space in his luggage, and ensure he goes to his important meetings clean and refreshed in all the right places.

luggage tracker, Father's Day

From Travel Mugs to Worlds Best Dad and Superman Mugs, there is something here for every Dad, regardless of the sort of Dad your dad is.

What will your Dad be getting this Father’s Day? Order now and have it delivered in time.




Dad Jokes – the Flat, the Funny and the Fabulous

Posted on 20 August 2014 | Comments Off

dad jokesThe Dad Joke is one of the few institutions that knows no cultural, economic, nor global boundaries.

Regardless of your background, your ethnicity, the social and socioeconomic status of your family, or even what country you live in, the Dad Joke will be there.

Dad Jokes are rarely, if ever deemed inappropriate in any circumstance. From weddings to funerals, births and birthdays, from the evening family meal to those special moments you share, just you and your Dad.

“How’s your chicken, son?” he may ask.

“Good thanks, Dad,” is your reply.

“Mine’s fowl!” he replies, almost asphyxiating at his mirth.  Fowl – foul, get it?

The Family Road Trip cannot escape the clutches of the Dad Joke.

“Hey, look, there’s the dead centre of [whatever town it is you’re passing through],” says Dad, pointing to the local cemetery.

There are two common elements to the Dad Joke, the first being that they are rarely, if ever, funny the first time, much less the second, third, and 847th time.

Secondly, Dads continue to think that both they and the joke are ridiculously hilarious.

Given just how pervasive the Dad joke is we decided they needed to be rewarded for their efforts, their persistence and their tenacity, so we’re hosting a competition where you can win one of 5 $50 vouchers for Gifts for Blokes.

All we need to know, in 50 words or less, is your dad’s favourite joke.

With any luck, we’ll also be able to add to the collection of approximately five jokes that seem to have lasted the test of time and the only jokes that dads seem to know.

For more details visit http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/competitions.html 

Dads in the Movies

Posted on 14 August 2014 | Comments Off

Is your Dad a Darth Vader or a Mrs Doubtfire?

Perhaps he’s a little more Chevy Chase or a Steve Martin kind of dad? Coming into the 21st Century, is he more a Mitch and Cam from Modern Family, or more along the lines of Ed O’Neill in any of his roles as a dad, both on the small screen or big?

In celebrating Father’s Day I came across this fabulous tribute to movie dads – or, as the title states, ‘cinematic fathers’.

Dads are represented in movies in all kinds of ways, from the overbearing control freaks and abusers, through to the bumbling, accident prone unfortunates, who can’t seem to get anything right.

Take a look at one of the clips and you will see what I mean.

Whilst we can often sit back and laugh at the over exaggeration of our male forebears, in some cases their actions and behaviours are closer to the truth than we like to admit!

Aside from those movies where the dad is a minor character, either as the good dad or the bad dad and setting the scene for the development of the main character’s personality and ways of being, even the baddest of bad dads in the movies have a positively nurturing and loving side.

Those who have turned to the dark side, embark upon criminal activities or find themselves unwittingly hanging out of helicopters or donning women’s clothing have done so with thoughts of their kids top of their mind. Their aim is often to protect, look after, or find ways to support their kids.

How is it, then, that you would define a bad dad and a good dad up there on the big screen?

Is there any movie, or movies, that  remind you of your Dad? Is he a particular character, or more along the lines of the actor that plays the character?

Is he a whip cracking adventurer, or a museum curator? Can he string a set of Christmas lights on the house, or is he a spy for some secret government organisation?

Maybe you can even see a bit of yourself in some of these movies and movie dads? Are you one of these dads?






Don’t forget Grandpa

Posted on 12 August 2014 | Comments Off

Father's Day gift for GrandpaWhile we have our dad top of mind this September, remember the reason for you even having a dad.

That’s right – HIS dad!

After all, it was your grandpa that started it, with a twinkle in his eye, all those years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice to give him a little gift to say “thanks for my dad’ and to remind him he’s a pretty awesome bloke in his own right.

Grandpas tend to have more than a lifetime of ‘stuff’ already, and generally don’t need any more to add to his collection, especially if he has now downsized his space.

Although sock giving on this auspicious occasion is fairly standard, there is a reason for it; you can never have enough socks. Hopefully your grandpa isn’t one to get around in sandals too often, because socks would only contribute to the grandpa stereotype – socks and sandals are not good on anyone, especially your Grandpa! But hey, he’s lovable anyway, isn’t he?

Socks really are an essential part of daily life, and because Grandpa is an awesome bloke, we think he needs to be told so. This Awesome Grandpa Mug and Sock Set comes with socks and a matching mug; for his evening hot cocoa, or hot totty, depending on his preference. Every time he sips from the mug or pulls on his socks, he will think of you.

Whether he’s dressing himself for the day, or settling in for the night, he’ll know that you think he’s awesome.



What your little blokes learn from their dads.

Posted on 7 August 2014 | Comments Off

dad, Father's DayMonkey see, monkey do is a phrase often used in relation to kids. Not necessarily because they are monkeys – although, this is debatable at times – but because their attitude towards copying is well documented.

Little blokes learn loads from big blokes. Usually, the big bloke in question is their dad.

What with both the big bloke and the little bloke having the same appendages, there is a common and very special connection between the two that is difficult to break. He usually sees his dad as a hero, and not just any hero, but THE superhero. There’s nothing a dad can’t do according to his son.

Because they look up to their dads so much, they can learn from them and what they learn will determine the bloke (and dad) they eventually become.

Blokes show their little blokes how to treat women – especially the loves of their lives – and how to treat others. They learn their aptitude and attitude towards work, and the role of alcohol, cars, and action movies in their lives.

They may learn how to cook, clean, and fend for themselves around the home, and often learn how to budget, manage finances and other financial stuff.

Dad isn’t even necessarily aware he’s setting an example and being a mentor, nor that the spongey brains of children are soaking it all up and storing it away.

As a dad, there’s not necessarily a need to set aside time to take your little bloke under your wing and say “Here’s how you do this”. Except maybe the cooking and budgeting things. They’ll pick it up.

And dads can foster the connection and unique relationships by being not only the person they want their sons to think of them as, but by being the person they want their sons to become.

Sometimes, all it takes is being there when your little bloke needs you, and letting him know you think he’s your hero, too.


Father’s Day Gifts

Posted on 5 August 2014 | Comments Off

All dads are different, all unique in their own little way and they all love different things.

Some like a good game of golf, and others treat it merely as long, slow frustrating walk around a golf course on a Sunday morning. Some like a beer after work, and some are sentimental little bunnies.

Some are active and love to work up a good sweat, others like to pull things apart and put them back together, and others like nothing more than relaxing with a good movie or book.

One would think with all the ads on TV at the moment, reminding you about Father’s Day, that they like cars and doing stuff in sheds. This is close to the truth for some, but how many more tools does your dad need this year?

If he’s anything like my dad, what’s he doing with all the tools he’s had for the last three decades? Starting a museum of tools from the 1960s? Of course, if you buy good tools, they’re going to last a lifetime, anyway.

Star Wars Darth Vader slippers If only blokes were happy with a bunch of flowers from the local service station on Father’s Day, just like mums are on Mother’s Day.
Or, you could get him something he really wants, or needs, and that he will actually love and use.

Our Fathers Day gifts have something for all dads, from Darth Vader slippers for the galaxy’s best dad, to travel mugs and tablet holders for the busy dad.

Dad or Grandpa - Wine Opener Set
For the wine connoisseur, there’s this very handy wine set () or maybe, if he’s the dad that already has everything, a simple photo frame with a photo to remind him just how rich he is.

For more fab gift ideas for the dad in your life visit us at http://www.giftsforblokes.com.au/fathers-day-presents/

First Curl, First Tooth

Posted on 1 August 2014 | Comments Off

first tooth, first curlThere are some keepsakes from childhood that are truly irreplaceable. At the top of this list we find your little bloke’s first curl and the first tooth he loses. There is no store in the world that can sell you these precious items if lost, but fortunately we have just the thing to keep them safe and sound.

The First Tooth and Curl Box in the shape of a train is a gorgeous pewter keepsake treasure box that will grace your mantle or special shelf for many years, always offering a reminder of when your little bloke was very very little indeed.

The first haircut for most kids happens within their first year, and, for little blokes this can mean the end of the baby-look, as they (sometimes much to suddenly) begin to look like ‘big boys’. Growing up way too fast, as little ones usually do, some have lost their first tooth by the age of five. There is no exact science, but it often happens (I am told) just when the parents are getting caught up on the sleep they lost when the little bloke was teething.

Your little bloke will have learned a lot in those intervening years, and will be ready to believe the Tooth Fairy is looking forward to paying petty cash for his sparkly little chompers. The whole concept for some though, is a bit daunting. Many will be excited and a bit relieved to learn there is a special box, all ready for them keep safe forever the first tooth they lose.

The Tooth Fairy has approved the First Tooth and Curl Box, by the way, and looking at these items in the future, neither you or your little bloke will believe how tiny and soft he was when he was a baby.





Men and Moving House

Posted on 30 July 2014 | Comments Off

Ah, moving house! The most fun of fun jobs!

Or not.

men and moving houseFor those of us that have done it, it is one of the most stressful life experiences, and is even more so if there is a partnership/marriage involved. Add a couple of kids and a considerable number of years of habitat in the one abode to the list, and, well, it’s probably a good idea that the blokes clear out for a week or so.

There are generally two kinds of blokes when it comes to moving; those who are considerably organised and determined that everything has its own, labelled box, and the bloke who says “she’ll be right” and randomly tosses stuff into boxes, ready for shifting.

(And if the “she” in “she’ll be right” is your Mrs – she bloody won’t be right!)

If they’re happy to sort and organise, let them do it. These blokes are generally less sentimental, which will mean culling is done quickly and painlessly, or without any thought whatsoever, and all your sentimental stuff, wedding album included, will need to be fished from a skip.

Help where you can, or divide the packing up into rooms where each of you is responsible for your own area delegated to you.

If they’re the other sort of bloke, best to send them out into the garage and other areas of their domain, and let them deal with it at both ends of the move. Not only do you not want to be sorting through their tools, but you also don’t want to be trying to find a place for the hammer that was purchased in 1963, and the other 37 hammers that they “need”.

Once they’ve done their areas – assuming they have and you’re not having to do four trailer runs at midnight the day after the removalists have been – best to send them away for a bit. Give them jobs that involve buying hooks and racks from Bunnings or something.

Blokes are welcome back when something needs screwing, hanging, attaching, or converting from a flat pack to a wall unit strong enough to hold the TV and surround sound.

Whilst we’re on that topic, if you are moving house, in most cases TVs and accessories are blokes domain. Let them have their toys to play with.

It’ll keep them out from under your feet and your new house will start looking like a home sooner, rather than later.

Good luck!

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