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Kris Kringle Gifts For Blokes

Posted on 25 November 2014 | No responses

mitt_stand_clear_lg__10292_1405411709_1280_1280Whether it’s an extended-family thing you’ve got happening, or something organised at the office, there’s a good chance you’ll be required to purchase some small gift for any number of blokes in your life; from brothers to cousins, from your boss to Kevin in accounts.

Thankfully, Gifts for Blokes has just what you need; gifts for blokes.

If it’s something for the office Kris Kringle you require, a Desktop Skip, a special ‘pick your nose’ coffee mug, Hula Girl or Duncan the Drinking Bird for the desk top could be just the thing you’re after.

coaster_tea_lg__62001_1405413553_1280_1280You generally can’t go wrong with beer-related gifts for blokes, from coasters to bottle openers, and everything in between. Stubby holders, themed or otherwise are always handy, and you can really get into the Christmas cheer, with a Christmas beer stubby holder – complete with recordable sounds for your own personal message, or a tune or two to delight the gift recipient.

As the weather warms up, a 6 pack Cooler Carry Bag is an absolute must, and the perfect Kris Kringle gift for anyone. For your food loving bloke, perhaps an oven mitt is just what he needs. Better still, how about a very, very useful BBQ gas bottle gauge.

Coffee mugs, books of jokes for blokes, and little things to keep them entertained, you’ll find all you need for Kris Kringles for the blokes in your life this coming festive season.

New Games And Puzzles

Posted on 20 November 2014 | Comments Off

building_dreams_motorcyle_jigsaw__28564_1414733396_1280_1280Blokes aren’t all about playing golf and fantasising over cars and such. Many also require a bit of stimulation of the old grey matter, or motivation to spend some quality time with the kids that doesn’t involve wrestling or action movies.

It’s a good thing, then, that we have some brand new items in stock, just for blokes, that will help keep their minds active and the boredom at bay. They also appeal to the loves of blokes’ lives; Dr Who, cars (Ford or Holden) and a variety of other things that the men in your life like.

For a bit of quiet time for themselves, or quality time working on something with the kids, a puzzle is a great option. Motor bikes and cars, scenery and architecture, or even classic moments like the Sturgis Rally will please him.

For a little more mind-muscle power, a Galileo’s Globe Puzzle may be just what he needs to work through the problems of his life, or to help him relax after a long, hard week at work.

monopolyBoard games are another great gift that are filled with fun, as well as requiring strategy and scheming. Perfect for this kind of play is the Tantrix Game Pack, for one to four players.

Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and Risk, Dr Who themed or otherwise, are great ways to spend days when you’re stuck indoors, have time off work, or your bloke is just looking for a good excuse not to do that DIY project you’ve been on at him for months now.

Whether he needs some time to himself, with the family, or just to have some mates around, you’ll find all manner of gifts, games and puzzles for your bloke.

You may find you even get a little bit of peace and quiet, yourself, or the opportunity to spend some great time with your bloke, strengthening your relationship.

New Doctor Who Items In Store

Posted on 18 November 2014 | Comments Off

doctor_who_ice_cube_tray__08150_1414729192_1280_1280We know how much you and your bloke love Doctor Who, so we have made sure we not only have plenty in stock for you, we’ve also acquired some new items. They’re in store, right now.

For the bloke who likes a cold one in the evening, at a BBQ, or during dinner, set him up with the Tardis door coaster set to put a smile on his face, and save the furniture. Add some cooling, icy Daleks or K-9s, created with a silicone ice cube tray, especially as the weather heats up.

Why stop at ice? Being silicone, this ice cube tray is ideal for creating Doctor Who themed chocolates, jellies and other sweet treats.

If you’re after more substantial snacks and treats, a set of cookie cutters is a must have. Not just a gift in themselves, you can use them year after year to make great gifts for all come birthdays or Christmas time.

towelsFor your dapper bloke, a tie is probably more suitable. Do you go the Tardis tie, though, or is he more a 4th Doctor kind of bloke? Why not both?

Practicality and great looking bathrooms are often more of a priority, and you can now grab a 3 piece Tardis bath towel set, including a bath towel, hand towel, and face washer.

Not new to Gifts for Blokes but definitely the perfect gift for Doctor Who-loving men in your life are the Tardis bathrobes and the matching Tardis slippers. Both, along with the bath towel set, are ideal for any gift-purchasing or gift-giving scenario you find yourself in.

That’s all in store for you now, and remember to keep popping in for more Doctor Who items, and keep your bloke and his Doctor Who loving mind happy.

Top Golf Gifts

Posted on 13 November 2014 | Comments Off

book_golf_guide_lg__89687_1405410122_1280_1280With the emergence of the sun, warm days and light breezes, the vast expanse of the green is a welcome sight for blokes. Bringing them out of the man caves and offices, and encouraging them to embark upon a long walk, whacking a small white ball around a well manicured paddock is often all they need to put a smile on their dial.

For your golf loving bloke, you can sometimes come a little unstuck when it comes to purchasing gifts for them. They have their clubs, shoes and other essentials, so what else can they possibly need?

Have your bloke stand out from the crowd and ensure none of his cronies mix their clubs up with his, with a Darth Vader or Chewbacca Driver Cover. If nothing else it will provide an interesting topic of conversation as they make their way around the course.

notepadIf your bloke needs a little bit of a handicap on the course, he may find some joke Flat Top Tees will give him the edge over his competition. Or he could try some Awesome Foursome novelty golf balls.

He may prefer some helpful tips by John Cook with the Greatest Guide to Golf, to improve his game, or the essential Don’ts For Golfers, covering everything from swing to fashion.

Looking like he knows what he’s doing is also helpful, and he can keep up appearances with the practical and smart looking Golf Tee and Divot Tool set.

To help him get through his week at work, some reminders of the weekend to come could be necessary.  Choose from a Golf Wooden Word (the most fun you can have with your pants on) or the practical 18th Hole Note Pad, with pen, which will sit neatly on his desk. It can also be taken to the game to keep score.

You’ll find all your top golf gifts at Gifts for Blokes, and you may even find you score yourself a day of peace and quiet at home while he’s out, working hard on the 19th hole.

Which Are Our Most Popular Gifts For Blokes?

Posted on 11 November 2014 | Comments Off

beer chill sticksWhen it comes to purchasing gifts for blokes there is a tendency to believe the old myth that “blokes are simple creatures and easy to buy for”.

We believe this is a bit of a cop out and just an excuse for not putting any thought into their gift. All blokes are different and have different likes, tastes, and obsessions, which means buying a bloke any old thing isn’t really going to cut it.

That said, wondering what to purchase for the blokes in your life (whether it be a birthday or anniversary gift, something for Father’s Day, or the rapidly approaching Christmas), can be a little overwhelming.

What is it blokes are looking for?

Well, if it helps, these are the Gift For Blokes’ ten most popular sellers.

Beer Chill Sticks:  Perfect for the summer weather we’re experiencing, which also makes them perfect for using at BBQs. Stick them in the freezer for two hours and then insert into your beer.  They will keep your beer chilled without affecting the flavour or watering down the amber ale. Beer can be easily consumed through the mouthpiece, and your bloke will be happy.

Cafe Racer – Black Enamel Workshop Mug:  These are ideal for the man cave, workshop, shed or indoor (or outdoor) work space. Durable and relatively damage free when dropped, they make a great companion for your bloke when he’s busy.

daddy_cool_frosty_mug__13942.1405412383.1280.1280Daddy Cool Frosty Mug:  For blokes who like their beer in a glass (but not the glass it comes in) and who like their beer cold, a Frosty Mug is a necessity. Pop it in the freezer for an hour or two, then top it up with your bloke’s favourite beverage. Cool indeed!

Darth Vader Slippers:  A little bit of the “Force” may be just what he needs to get going in the morning. If nothing else, it may well warn other family members of his usual morning mood – perhaps a little on the dark side? Or maybe that’s how he needs his coffee?

Doctor Who Tardis Bottle Opener:  Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have a bottle opener when you need one? It’s a good thing, then, that the Tardis Bottle Opener is compact enough to transport anywhere with you, and fabulous enough to keep out on display so you never have to rummage through drawers again. Better still, it comes with fantastic sound effects when you pop the top on your beer.

Doctor Who Tardis Slippers:  Easy to slip on and comfortable, your bloke won’t just be relaxed and have toasty, warm feet, he’ll also look super cool in his Tardis slippers. You could probably even send him out to get the paper (in his matching Tardis bathrobe!)

Holden Mug and Sock Pack:  Because blokes can never have enough socks or mugs, it’s essential they have something that means something to them. A Holden sock and mug pack is one of our top sellers, because blokes like this sort of stuff. (Ford version also available!)

man cavesMan Caves:  Featuring 50 man caves from around Australia, your bloke can feel like one of the pack as he peers inside the caves of other blokes, to see what they tinker with and obsess over. Celebrating the culture of the man shed, this book is a blessing for all blokes.

Man Tin:  The perfect item for your bloke to keep all his bits and pieces, spare washing machine parts after he’s ‘fixed’ it, nuts, bolts and more. Save your Tupperware and get him his own, special place to keep his leftover and I’ll-need-these-later bits.

Last but not least, the Man Cave Sign:  “What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave” is an unspoken rule, but with this up in his safe place, everyone will know the sanctity of the space. It may even be a reminder to others that this is his place to escape, and they’ll give him the peace he needs.

What a mixed bag, right?  It just goes to confirm that each man is different and has their own individual set of interests.  So have a look around to see what may appeal to your bloke or blokes this Christmas.  And any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Movember – Why We Need To Support It

Posted on 5 November 2014 | Comments Off


Movember has been around for eleven years now, kicking off in Australia in 2003 and working its way around the world to change the face of men’s health.

Blokes, overall, have a lower life expectancy than women, for a number of reasons. Not least is their lack of willingness to speak to anyone about any concerns they may have, leaving potentially treatable conditions too late to do anything about.

They’re also greatly affected by and dying from diseases that are largely curable, if not preventable in the first place …they just don’t like talking about what might be wrong, or taking the steps to do anything about them.

Movember is all about creating discussion and opening up about men’s health issues, particularly those issues as prostrate and testicular cancers, and mental illness.

The challenge of growing a mo for the month of November certainly gets people talking, and is a great way to show your support for the cause, raise funds to help reduce mortality from the above mentioned issues, and to raise awareness of all those things men, from their early teens to their twilight years experience.

Why do we need to support Movember and men’s health?

  • Much of the community is not aware of just how much of an impact these diseases and illnesses affect our blokes, and a bit of facial hair is doing the trick when it comes to drawing attention to them.
  • Four blokes an hour dying from mostly preventable diseases is as good a reason as any, don’t you think?
  • Blokes also need to be encouraged to go and get checked out, ideally by a qualified medical person, when they’re feeling a bit off, or worried about a lump, bump, or swelling where there shouldn’t be lumps, bumps, or swelling.
  • More males – of the teenage through to middle aged variety – commit suicide than women, leaving a lasting, devastating impact on those around them. Mental illness is a big issue for blokes, and has much more profound repercussions than it does for women.
  • Because blokes really are awesome and are wonderful to have around.
  • We’d miss them if they weren’t here, and raising awareness of men’s health and the issues that affect it means we can have our blokes – our husbands, brothers, dads, cousins, and friends -  around for longer.

To find out more, and sign up as a Mo Bro or Mo Sister, visit http://au.movember.com/

New Doctor Who Merchandise

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Doctor Who merchandise is one of Gift for Blokes’ biggest and best sellers. There is a reason for this, of course. Doctor Who isn’t just fabulous, Doctor Who is an icon who has been around for generations, and who never fails to entertain, inspire,and intrigue the young, the old and everyone in between. Even non-fans of the show know about him and his sidekicks, from the Tardis to the Daleks and beyond.

This is why we bring you new Doctor Who merchandise when we can, and we’re pleased to announce we have new products in stock. Just in time for the festive season, too. From scarves, beanies, bathrobes, and slippers, to essential items like the Tardis silicon cake mould, and the Fez and Bow Tie set.


Perhaps your bloke needs a new cooler bag – Tardis design, of course – or a bottle opener, stubby holder (Dalek style), or a coffee mug, complete with heat activated, disappearing Tardis.

A little bit of retro never hurt the Doctor, either, and he has been immortalised in the form of the nostalgic bobble head. Then there is Doctor Who Monopoly, which is the perfect forum for introducing the game to others, and keeping them enthralled in it.

From the comfortable at home, to the practical in the office, there is something for every Doctor Who fan, from any generation.

If you could have any Doctor Who merchandise, what would you choose?

How To Chill Your Drink Fast

Posted on 30 October 2014 | Comments Off

Imagine the following situation: you are having a bloke’s night and you run out of beer. A volunteer is urgently sent to the local store and gets back with an ample amount of beer which is…warm! Does this means that you need to pause everything and wait for hours for the beer to chill? In a less technologically-advanced world – yes, but now we have the technology to help you chill your beer instantly and keep having fun!

beer chill sticks

The Beer Chill Sticks are an amazing invention aiming to help blokes all over Australia and the world cope with their beer issues. Their simple and effective design (basically a stainless steel stick ending with a mouth piece) makes it’s use as simple as child’s play. Just make sure you put the stick in the freezer two hours before your beer is required. Then, when you feel the need for cold beer (and have only a warm one), take a stick out of the freezer, put it in the beer and drink through the mouth piece. It’s that simple and you will instantly feel the cold blessing filling your mouth. It is important to know that the Beer Chill Sticks can be used for a variety of other drinks – for example, we tested it on a local cider and it was chilled to the perfect temperature in seconds.


If you are more of a wine fan, you don’t have to worry at all. At Gifts For Blokes, we are always trying to satisfy the needs of all blokes out there. Bearing this in mind, what you need is our Wine Chill Stick which will make your wine cold in an instant. The Wine Chill Stick consist of two parts – a stainless steel stick and an acrylic pourer spout. Just remove the spout, put the stick in the freezer for two hours, take it out, put the spout back, put the whole thing in the wine, pour through the spout and enjoy your cold drink!

If you are a bloke, the Beer Chill Sticks and the Wine Chill Sticks are a great solution for your bloke gatherings. If you are the girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, aunt, or friend of a bloke who hates having his drinks cold and always forgets to chill them, you have found the perfect gift! The Beer/Wine Chill Sticks can save you further efforts of looking for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other present – just get your bloke a couple of sticks and he will be as happy as can be.


If you want to make the gift for your bloke even more special, you can combine the Chill Sticks with another of our products. For wine drinkers, the Cork Wine Rack is great, and beer fans may enjoy the Beer Buyers Guide for Australia & New Zealand – it has 258 pages giving all the information every bloke should know about beer and some of our customers have taken to consider it their personal Beer Bible. Enjoy shopping and don’t forget that orders over $140 get free shipping to any point in Australia!

Becoming A Patient Bloke

Posted on 28 October 2014 | Comments Off

do not disturb

We all know that guy who flies off the handle when presented with a mild inconvenience. His kids are afraid to talk to him, his wife walks on eggshells, and everyone, basically, wishes he would chill out and stop being such a jerk. Nobody, not even that guy, wants to be that guy. But, if we are being really honest, from time to time, most of us are no different.

Occasionally, we all find ourselves in situations that are hard to deal with. If you ever notice that your fists and jaw are clenched, you are breathing shallower than usual and are feeling anxious or irritated, there is a good chance you are seconds away from making a snap decision or rude remark. This is understandable. It’s a pretty normal reaction, designed to change whatever it is that has you feeling so uncomfortable both physically and mentally. But, it is not all that likely to change things for the better.

If you can take a few slow, deep breaths and remind yourself that whatever you are presented with is not the end of the world (no matter what it is!) you will find yourself halfway to a more positive outcome. By slowing down, and taking the time to truly listen to others, you will likely find your personal interactions more positive and productive.

It’s also handy to acknowledge that sometimes you just need a “time out”. Thirst or hunger can trigger impatience, so knowing when to take a snack break can save some slammed doors and hurt feelings. And sometimes distraction and a bit of laughter is the best approach. Books like “I See Stupid People” are worth their weight in gold at times like these.

Fortunately, we all have some control over how much patience we bring to any situation. With practice we can have immense control over our own minds. By training to keep our cool despite circumstances (which we cannot always control), we can lead happier lives, have better relationships with our loved ones and have a better chance of being talked about nicely behind our backs The biggest step is  identifying when we are stressed and admitting that we can do something about it.

Commencing Christmas Countdown

Posted on 23 October 2014 | Comments Off


Look, we don’t want to freak you out or anything, we just want to let you know that there are only 9 Fridays left until Christmas.


Plenty of time, right?


Thankfully, Gifts For Blokes has you covered for Christmas pressies for all the blokes in your life that you need to purchase gifts for.

You can even get your bloke sorted by gathering all he needs for the blokes in his life this Christmas.

If you’re really not sure where to start with it all, well, we’d suggest starting with a list of all the blokes who need a gift this festive season; husbands, brothers, dads, granddads, work colleagues and whomever else needs a gift this festive season.

Once you have your list, check out the Top Ten Gifts For Blokes for some ideas. It’s a great place to start, particularly if you’re a little overwhelmed or not sure what to buy.

From there, you’re covered. There are books for blokes who like to read, and vintage, retro, and remote control automobilia for the blokes who like cars.

Get him what he needs for his bar and his beer, games and puzzles to keep his mind active, or something for his desk at work; perhaps a photo frame or a Doctor Who Desktop Dalek Patrol to protect his work space.

There are clocks, socks and jocks and everything you need for the blokes in your life.

If you’re involved in a Kris Kringle, whether it’s for extended family or for the workplace, there are Kris Kringle gifts for blokes at under $20 each.

There is something for every bloke you need to buy for this Christmas. Start your shopping now and get your bloke’s gifts out of the way. You’ll also have them delivered well in time for Christmas.

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