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New Doctor Who Products in Stock

Posted on 25 July 2014 | No responses

Did you see the news that the first episode of Dr Who featuring Peter Capaldi was leaked?

The BBC said “The Oscar winner’s highly-anticipated debut as the Time Lord was slated to be broadcast next month, but six weeks before the full episode is set to air, a rough copy of the show as well as five scripts and six more episodes from the season were posted on the Internet earlier this week.”

I hope you haven’t been looking at them. I know that I don’t want that episode ruined for me!

Anyway, to celebrate the new Dr Who we have some new products in stock.  Take a look at these.

Doctor Who Tardis UmbrellaDr Who Tardis Umbrella: Whether he is travelling locally or through time and space, you can keep your timelord dry under the Doctor Who Tardis Umbrella.The Umbrella is a collapsible design with the Tardis police box print on…  It’s just what you need with all this wet weather we are having at the moment.

Dr Who Tardis Cake MouldDr Who Tardis Cake Mould:  This is great. Made from food grade silicon, this Tardis cake mould is not just for cake – why not mould him a jelly or a big chunk of chocolate or even use it as a giant Tardis ice cube… in fact if you think it can be moulded into a shape, then this is the mould for you. The Doctor Who Tardis Cake mould is an officially licenced product and measures (outside measurement) 30cm x 20cm and is 5cm deep.

doctor who tardis stubby holderTardis Stubby Holder:  An essential piece of equipment for blokes who love Dr Who. This insulated metal stubby holder features a print of the Tardis on it and makes an ideal gift for any Doctor Who fan.  Holds a standard size can/stubby bottle.

Dr Who Dalek Stubby HolderDalek Stubby Holder: Of course, he will need a stubby holder for his mate so how about buying the Dalek Stubby Holder, too?  The Dalek stubby holder is made of metal with dalek features printed on it, inside it has a foam insulated lining to help keep those drinks cool.

If your bloke is a Whovian, we have the gifts you need.

Man Caves

Posted on 22 July 2014 | Comments Off

Man Cave Jasper WhiteBlokes and their sheds…

Take a peek into 50 Aussie Man Caves.  This is a hardcover book by Jasper White and if your bloke has a shed or a man cave – or wants one – he will love this.

This book celebrates the Australian cultural phenomenon of the shed. You will see the Man Caves of blokes who collect, blokes who like to tinker and just your average Aussie bloke.

We all know that a Man Cave is a sacred space.  If women are ever allowed to enter, it’s an accepted fact that she must not comment on dust, strange bits of machinery or anything she deems unattractive lying around. This is the man’s space and it is his prerogative to decide what is attractive and what is not.

This book includes photographs of all sorts of man caves.  Some are rooms inside the house and some are huge sheds way down the paddock.  The thing they have in common is the masculinity of the space.  Some are more like a garage than a man cave, filled with tools and car parts.  Others are decked out like a comfortable lounge room complete with heater and lounge suite.  Some are messy and some are immaculate.

I believe that everyone needs their own space from time to time but somehow the blokes have got it all worked out. They have a space that is all theirs – a boy’s club of sorts that we can only enter by invitation.

I want one.  I want a man cave. But I might make mine a little prettier and get rid of all the automotive gear….

Order a copy today and tuck it away for Father’s Day.


Australia Post: postal changes to be aware of.

Posted on 16 July 2014 | Comments Off

Australia PostWe use Australia Post to deliver all orders.  Recently they announced some changes in the way the postal process works.  These changes will affect you and the delivery of your orders.

Tracking Emails

We use the Australia Post eparcel dispatch notification system and tracking number emails are now automatically sent to your email address from the Australia Post system when we post your order. You will now receive update emails from Australia Post as your parcel progresses through their system. You will receive email notifications, when your parcel has been dispatched from us (posted), when it is due for delivery, if it has been carded to an Australia Post post-office and also when it has been delivered. You can choose to unsubscribe from these emails by clicking a link in the email. We cannot unsubscribe you from these as they come from the Australia Post parcel system. If you have a free* email account such as Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail, please remember to check your trash for these emails. If for some reason you don’t receive your original dispatch notification with your parcel tracking number, please email us and we can easily provide you with the tracking number.

Unclaimed Parcels -

If a parcel is carded to a post office, that post office is only officially obliged by Australia Post to hold your parcel for 10 days. (Some may hold it longer if they have space!) After that it is returned to the sender. It is important to be aware that if it is returned to sender, the sender has to pay for it to be re-posted to you and this cost could be passed onto you. So it is important to check the tracking of any parcels that you are expecting and arrange to collect it from your post office or ask Australia Post to see if they can transfer a parcel to a post office maybe closer to where you work, or have the parcel posted to a work address or to an address where someone will be available during the day.

Australia Post seems to be making improvements so that customers have a better experience with the postal service.  We have been advised there are more changes on the way including possibly longer post office opening hours later in the year to assist people with parcel collection.

Remember to check your emails and your post office regularly if you are expecting a delivery.


The Perfect Gift for His Special Age Birthday

Posted on 10 July 2014 | Comments Off

While all our birthdays are special and important events – the days that marks another year of survival in this modern world rat race – there are those milestone birthdays which put the start to a next period of our lives. Sweet 16, the lawful age of 18, the special 21 and afterwards the beginning of each new decade with an emphasis on the 50th jubilee. Knowing how keen most blokes are on celebrating their birthdays in a way that even the most patient of neighbours would be tempted to make a report, it is really important to choose something important for them on these particularly special occasions – a gift that will remain a precious and valued memory for many years to come. Therefore, we at Gifts for Blokes have prepared a special section to make it easier for you. Check out our Age Birthday Gifts page and read on to see some of the featured gifts you could we have picked out.

Signature Memory Items

age birthdayWhile many of the luxurious and expensive items in our everyday life get often broken, replaced or upgraded, there are those simple symbols of friendship, love and respect that we keep forever to remind us of our kith and kin. Therefore, we offer you a great birthday gift idea offered in three options depending on the age of the birthday bloke – a signature number (1, 16, 18, 21 30, 40, 50, 60), a signature frame (18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60) and a signature word (18, 21). The wooden signature numbers and signature words will bear the names, messages and wishes of the guests at the birthday party. The same goes for the picture frame, but in addition to that, it can hold a favourite picture of the event. A black marker is provided in the set.

Items for Beer Loversstubby_birthday_boy_lg__04299.1374124755.1280.1280

If the birthday boy is fond of beer, there is nothing better than a gift to improve his experience. Consider our stainless steel pilsners or special pewter pilsners (18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70) that will turn every beer into a reminder of a great birthday party. If the birthday bloke has a way to go till one of his milestone birthdays (as long as he is above 18), you can get him an unmarked pilsner of your choice. A great match for the pilsners can be chosen from our variety of stubby holders, some of them age-marked, others reading ‘Happy Birthday’ or decorated with different motifs. Pay a special attention to our Birthday Boy – Stubby holder with sound, which allows you to record your birthday wish in a splash-resistant sound module. Every time a beer is placed in it, the stubby holder will play your message!

A Message of Your Choice

travelmug_personalise__01566.1379576235.220.220If there is a special memory shared by the birthday boy and you, or you know the right words to always make him smile, you can make a gift of them along with the following two items: the Personalize It Travel Mug and the Engravable Flask. In addition to keeping his drinks warm, the personalize it travel mug will remind the birthday boy of how much he means for you. How – it depends on you as the plastic sleeve attached to it can hold a photo, a picture or a printed/handwritten message. The Engravable Flask, on the other hand, can be personalised only once, but the message engraved on its pewter plaque will remain there forever (better choose it carefully!).

Everything for a Special Birthday

Apart from these and many other Age Birthday Gifts, we offer a great variety of items that will help prepare the perfect party for your bloke’s special birthday. Candles, birthday cards, discs with music and bottle openers are only some of the things you may need. Visit our website now and have a look at our collection of birthday gifts for blokes – we guarantee your gift will earn you at least a strong bear hug (like it or not)!



How do men cope with loneliness?

Posted on 8 July 2014 | Comments Off

lonelinessBlokes need to man up and show how tough they are.

At least, that’s the expectation many blokes face daily, and loneliness is simply not a problem for blokes.



Blokes not only experience loneliness more heavily than women, despite popular opinion, but are also not really allowed to show how it is affecting them. Thus, the cycle is perpetuated and their mental health suffers, sometimes quite dramatically.

Even with the exponential access to social networks, recent research shows that social media is having more of a negative effect on blokes and enhancing their feelings of loneliness

We already know that when blokes are stressed they tend to withdraw into their own little world inside their own heads, whilst they sort out what’s bothering them. When they’re lonely, however, they can tend to do things that only alienate themselves more.

This is more prevalent in their relationships. Doing things like appearing desperate for love and attention, or overreacting to the showing of affection, perceiving it as smothering and clingyness, and withdrawing hugs and discussion.

Possibly in order to gain some reassurance of love and acceptance, blokes can also be a little wishy washy in terms of defining the relationship, refusing to reassure their partner, or even flirting with other women in front of her.

Of course, this behaviour often has the result of their partners (wives or girlfriends) feeling insecure and vulnerable, and likely to actually become clingy in their bid to reassure. Alternatively, they may very well get sick of it and bugger off, leaving blokes actually lonely, not just feeling it.

Sadly, whilst loneliness affects me so greatly, they feel unable or unwilling to actually do anything about it, for fear of appearing weak and ‘unmanly’.

The full health, work productivity and social implications of this are unknown, but we do  now that it’s not good for anyone; men, women and society alike, and it’s becoming increasingly more common.

Men’s Health Quiz

Posted on 4 July 2014 | Comments Off

We are sure your bloke knows a lot about a lot of things.

Over the years, he has probably gathered all the knowledge necessary to do his job, help out with the kids, take care of his car, talk to his mates at the newsstand and the neighbour over the fence.

But there is a good chance there is something very close to home he could do with knowing more about.

We are talking about his very own health. Yes, that’s right. While many women are well versed in the benefits of vitamins and know how often they should get a pap smear, men are often lacking information and knowledge that could potentially save their lives.

Don’t believe me? Have a look a this quiz about men’s health from the ABC , and ask him to do the same.  Here’s an example of the questions he will need to answer.

1. By the age of 50, what proportion of men have male pattern baldness?

a) 50%
b) 60%
c) 55%
d) 65%

The questions are relevant and address a solid base in necessary personal medical knowledge, but most men will be surprised by how low they score. Hopefully, if this is the case for your bloke, finding out about his own ignorance will prompt him to take more care of his health, and free him from being part of the wide majority of men who just don’t know enough to care.

Doctor’s often report that when they see male patients they are sicker and need more intervention than their female counterparts. While preventative health care has hit the mainstream for women, who pack yoga studios and are more likely to choose organic produce, lots of men assume if they are feeling ok, they are fine, and if the are feeling junky they will get better.

We do wish it was that simple, and the truth is, in most cases, just a little more knowledge can make a big difference. We hope sharing this quiz can be a small step towards this necessary change.


Help For New Dads

Posted on 2 July 2014 | Comments Off

Whatever they say about men being strong and calm when women lose their minds, there is one certain period in every bloke’s life when he feels anxious, insecure and clumsy – yes, that’s true for all new dads.

While mummy seems to have the skills coming somehow naturally and understands what their precious one wants without too much effort, most new dads out there wish that Encyclopaedia Britannica had a completely different approach with the choice of topics.

And while the Internet nowadays does its best to calm dads down and make them feel better about having a new baby (check out this amazing video)  we at Gifts for Blokes have some items that may help you prepare for your future role in the life of the new baby. Check them out below!

new dadsTo start with, we have a certain treasure that every new dad will appreciate – the 288-page masterpiece by Mark Woods with the title Babies & Toddlers for Men: From Newborns to Nursery. The book is really precious for many reasons, most importantly that the author himself has survived the period in question…twice! So what you can expect is many chapters about the development of your baby, each chapter covering 3 months of its life and explaining what you should do, what you shouldn’t do and what you can achieve in the end of each period; all this garnished with tips from dads who have already been there. All in all, a great book and a really precious possession for every bloke who’s going to be a dad soon!

new babiesIt seems that 288 is a lucky number for the new dads out there, because we have another treasure to offer, another reincarnated tattooed tree having the title Baby Owner’s Manual, written by Steve Bedwell and being exactly 288 pages! In it, Steve tries to make it easier for new dads by comparing their baby to one of their favourite things – taking care of their cars. In short, this humorous but very helpful book will help new dads with topics like delivery of babies from Mother Nature Industries, standard equipment and regular servicing, warning signs and many more. A must-have manual for every new or almost new dad, this book will see you safely through the first years of your baby.

baby Another great book for new dads which looks at the topic from a different approach is Henk Hannseen’s Baby Management for Men. In a really practical and often visual way, the author has put everything new dads need to know in a compact 240-page guide which makes it easier to understand and apply (goo.gl/arX7TC). The book is not only approved by man who have already read and tried it, but also considered a great gift by those lucky enough to get it and check out what it has to say about taking care after babies. The book will not only guide you, but will also share with you the pleasures and challenges, in short, the perks, of being a dad.

To sum up, today dads will have to take active part in the care for their babies as mums also have careers to follow and the need to relax from time to time. But that doesn’t have to be a disaster, at least according to the Mrs Woods, Bedwell and Hannseen who offer their experience and knowledge in a very funny and comprehensive way. Their guides, provided by Gifts for Blokes, are to become one of the most important books in every new dad’s library, so make sure to get them now and start reading – those nappies won’t change themselves on their own!



Computer Sitters – a touch of fun for your workspace

Posted on 26 June 2014 | Comments Off

If the better part of your job is sitting in front of the computer all day long, perhaps you know how boring the whole process is. You can’t talk to your colleagues too often or you will distract them, so you mostly stare at the screen and do your job. Imagine, however, how good it would be to have a friend staring back to you and approving what you do!

That’s the role of the computer sitter – a small figure that will improve your computing experience by keeping you company and helping you with your tasks. Computer sitters are not only a great gift for all those blokes in our lives who spend their days in front of the screen, but also a great solution for our own solitude. Below are the computer sitters you can purchase right now from Gifts for Blokes – check them out and don’t be alone anymore.

batmanIf you feel that you need additional protection when working with the computer, the Batman Computer Sitter is your best choice. He is nice, reliable and constantly on guard, so no one will be able to sneak behind you and do any mischief. Moreover, Batman is already in his pre-attack position – he is actually a Computer Croucher rather than a Computer Sitter. It’s a great idea for every fan of Batman and even if you are not such, you can still use it – just to remind yourself that the Joker will deal with Batman and his likes soon.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon CooperFor all the blokes around there who are mad about The Bing Bang Theory this will be the ultimate gift. A Sheldon Cooper Computer Sitter – 7 cm of pure awesomeness on top of your screens. What’s more, he has his Flash t-shirt on, which makes it all even more special. At first, it may seem that Sheldon does not agree with everything you do or write, but just touch him and he will be as meek as a lamb and consent to everything you have in mind. Besides all this, every time you get uncomfortable, just imagine how he feels sitting 24/7 on top on the screen and you will find out that there are people in a worse situation than yours!

Darth VaderLast but not least, you will be able to choose whose power you prefer to help you – the Jedi or the Sith Lords. If you have decided to turn to the dark side, go for Darth Vader – the ultimate villain in the Star Wars series, the villain loved by everyone. If you get him on top of your screen, you will be his master and he will silently agree with everything you say by bobbing his head. He won’t even breathe noisily in order not to distract you. Alternatively, you can choose Master Yoda and his wisdom. He will meditate on top of your screen all day long and will occasionally wake up to give his approval of your work. Just don’t ask him to help you with the word order!

In short, if you feel you are done sitting in front of the computer without company, choose one of our computer sitters and see the difference they bring in your working environment. Batman, Sheldon, Darth Vader or Master Yoda – visit Gifts for Blokes now and choose for yourself.



Erectile Dysfunction – A Health Warning?

Posted on 24 June 2014 | Comments Off

erectile dysfunctionThere are not many things that challenge a blokes masculinity, virility and self-esteem like Erectile Dysfunction.

Aside from it giving your Mrs yet another excuse not to want to join in any conjugal fun, it can have a significant effect on a bloke’s confidence and self-assuredness as a whole, impacting on many other aspects of his life.  Blokes may also feel like they’ve let their bed-partners down, not just in bed, but in every other part of the house, too.

This can occur even if he isn’t really aware of the connection between his withering willy and the fact that he basically just feels crap about himself in general. It can be heartbreaking.

It has been discovered that it can be heartbreaking on yet another level, as though these aren’t enough.

Yep, Erectile Dysfunction may be an indicator of heart disease, in many cases putting him at the same risk of heart attack as a smoker!

If you think about it, erections are little more than an influx of blood to the penis. This, from a purely biological perspective, of course, is a great indicator of how efficiently and effectively the blood vessels (arteries and veins and those sorts of things) are working.

As the blood is pumped around the body, including towards the groin area, it serves as a great ‘test’ for the workings of these vital vessels and organs. A short fall in the penile area could indicate something bigger going on in more important parts of a bloke’s body.

If you blokes are experiencing issues with getting or sustaining an erection, it’s worth getting more than just your doodle checked out. A full medical check up, or, at the very least, a heart check, is recommended, especially for blokes over 50 years of age.

Remember, also, your doctor is there to support you and is bound by confidentiality and privacy. If you insist on keeping it all to yourself, at least open up to your GP.

Taking The Action Indoors

Posted on 20 June 2014 | Comments Off

We know perfectly well that your blokes – small or big – are not afraid of the bad weather and rain, mud, hail – even a biblical flood won’t stop them from their favourite activities. You can’t expect them to watch TV and play on the computer all day long (and, besides, it is not recommended for their health!) However, now you have the opportunity to take the action indoors and provide some interesting blokey games to occupy them throughout the cold winter. Here are some of our best games that will make your bloke happy even if he is stuck indoors!

hobbit monopolyHobbit Monopoly – you can’t blame your blokes if they have grown bored with the traditional monopoly. On the other hand, this amazing new Hobbit Monopoly will take them to an Unexpected Journey in Tolkien’s world and will meet with Thorin and Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum, and many more favourite characters. The Hobbit Monopoly is one of the best gift you can find for the fans of Middle Earth at home and it will surely keep them occupied indoors for hours and hours to go.

fact or crapFact or Crap is another interesting game that will occupy the minds of your blokes. By asking them what is true and what is false, it will help them learn a lot of new and interesting facts in a funny, enjoyable way. 3 or more 8+ players can participate in Fact or Crap and compete to answer more than 300 humorous and educational questions. Certainly, this game is not only a way to bring in those family members who are eager to get wet and cold, but also to engage the whole family in a pleasant activity together.

taj mahal puzzleAt Gifts for Blokes we know how keen some blokes are on puzzles, so we have an amazing offer – the 950-piece Taj Mahal puzzle that will keep your blokes occupied for many hours, maybe days. This great puzzle, with dimensions of 42x43x42 cm will be a perfect decoration for your wall once it is completed and will always remind you of the great time spent solving it together.

If your blokes are all about proving who is more intelligent, the best choice for them is the Pocket IQ Games. They don’t take up much space and there are 6 different styles, so each of your blokes can choose their own and keep occupied making the exercises, feeling intelligent and competing with the other blokes at home. Don’t forget that keeping occupied with the Pocket IQ Games will help your kids develop their intellectual abilities and train their brains. And they will stay indoors – triple win, isn’t it?

If none of the games above is suitable for your blokes, visit our Gifts for Blokes store and browse through our many interesting and captivating games for blokes – we guarantee that you will find the one that meets your needs. Don’t wait, prepare yourself now, because winter is here!

Don’t forget – our sale is on now.  Take 20% off everything in store but only until midnight 22 June!

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