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Free Post Friday

Posted on 29 January 2015 | No responses


Forget Tight A*rse Tuesdays because Gifts for Blokes are giving you Free Post Friday!

Not a discount on your postage, but F.R.E.E postage for any and all orders placed on Friday the 30th of January 2015.

Conditions, of course, do apply – don’t they always?

It applies to regular post only within Australia, and only for orders placed on Friday the 30th of January*.

Don’t let those conditions stop you, however! It’s F.R.E.E. post which means you can stock up for a WHOLE year on fabulous gifts for the blokes in your life in one hit.

This also means you have all the main events, like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries, Fathers Day and ‘just cos’ gifts sorted for an entire year!

Take a wander and browse the site, add some ideas to your Wish List and come Friday, stock up and have it sent your way without the extra cost of postage.

All you need to do from there is collect and gift your bloke some awesomeness whenever he deserves it.

*Conditions apply: offer only available for orders placed on Friday the 30th January 2015 on regular post within Australia.


You Dirty Man

Posted on 27 January 2015 | No responses

cafe racer soapMany people think that blokes have dirty minds and, well, they probably do in many cases.

There’s not a great deal we can do about that, but we do have quite a lot of things to help with their bodies; which, let’s face it, can get a little grubby, sweaty and smelly.

Some activities can also lead blokes to be covered in grease, grime and layers of dirt.  Whilst this means he’s been up to something fun and enjoyable, or productive and helpful, it’s not always fun snuggling up to a grease-coated, sweaty, smelly body at the end of the day.

A winner in your mind, for fixing the car or finally getting around to installing those shelves in the garage, a nice soap to help him clean up after the job is always welcome.

For the blokes with a particularly dirty job, a strong workshop soap may be in order.  Bamboo, charcoal and oatmeal, scented with menthol will not only cut through the grease and grime, it will remove it and leave your bloke feeling and smelling clean.

torqueSome blokes, of course, really dislike a lot of clutter and multiple items when it comes to self care, and prefer one product that does the complete job. Something like a face-arse soap and sponge is just the item to suit their needs.

If he needs a bit of a reminder to tend to all his ‘bits’ then a hand soap that reminds him of his face, armpits, behind the ears and miscellaneous body parts could be what he’s after.  It makes a great gift for younger blokes, too.

For the bloke that likes to smell nice, a natural torque bundle, complete with drawer and car sachets, and a hand crafted lather to keep the skin clean and moisturised is perfect.  Unlike the girly, florally scents of most similar products, the natural torque bundle combines the masculine and energising scents of lime and basil essential oils.

Keep your bloke calm, focussed, energised…and clean with these great gift ideas!

Are Blokes Secret Shoppers?

Posted on 22 January 2015 | Comments Off

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-shopping-list-image28248555“Get in, get what you want, and get out!” seems to be the motto for blokes when it comes to shopping.

It is quite the common belief that a bloke will only go shopping if and when he needs something, and then he’ll literally duck to the shops, grab what he wants and head home again. No looking around, not a lot of comparing items or spending time trying to find “the right thing”.

There’s certainly no window shopping or merely just browsing to see what’s around. You’ll be lucky if they agree to stop for coffee whilst out shopping.

That is, of course, assuming that a bloke is even happy for his significant other to accompany him in the first place.

Is this all a farce, though? Are blokes actually secret shoppers?

A recent survey, commissioned by Princess Cruises, to study holiday shopping habits showed that men are actually more likely to not only spend more money whilst on holidays, but visit retail outlets more frequently than women.

The survey showed that 60% of men went shopping at least three times per week whilst on holiday, and 15% admitted that they couldn’t go a day without hitting the shops.

Whilst they’re out, 27% of men will purchase a gift for their loved ones. Lift your game, ladies! Only 7% of women bought a gift for their partners, with 54% buying only for themselves.

Even more interesting, and likely to surprise most of us who have every lapsed into the insanity of suggesting our partner come shopping with us, whilst 54% of couples said they liked shopping together, it was the blokes who preferred having the company!

Of course, holidays are a different vibe to the rest of life. Still, it’s interesting how much a bloke can switch from his ‘get in, get out’ attitude to shopping three times a week, and enjoying it.

It’d be interesting to see what else a holiday can do to flick a switch in a blokes head!

Men And Fashion – Is It A Match?

Posted on 21 January 2015 | Comments Off


It is fairly well accepted that blokes really don’t care much for what goes on in the fashion world. They aren’t generally interested in what goes on on the catwalk. Not in relation to men’s fashion, anyway.

A few of them may pretend not to take an interest in what the women on the catwalk are wearing, and generally fashion, it seems, is “a woman’s thing”.

Having said that, whilst they’re not generally interested in the latest trend or what some actor or other is wearing, they’re still influenced by it. In some cases, they need to be aware of it.

It may be that they have to be right on the money with the latest fashion trend, as part of their job, or merely just to stay relatively ‘on-trend’ and ensure their suit jacket is the right length and the tie is fashionable.

Appearance, whether we like it or not, says a lot about a person; it can greatly affect outcomes at work, promotion opportunities, or even just work performance and productivity. This is particularly relevant in customer service, and especially sales type roles.

What we see on the male fashion models does filter down into retail outlets; both the specialised and the mainstream stores.

The outfits on the catwalk are, really, rather impractical. They are a little extreme, and a little too ‘different’ to be considered acceptable in most social situations and workplaces.

Would blokes wear them? Not likely.

Basically, the fashionistas take ALL the pieces that are currently fashionable amongst the European elite and Hollywood stars, assemble them all on one person, and pretty much make them look ridiculous.

Breaking the outfits down, however, gives a good indication of a few, upcoming trends. Things like collar or cuff width on shirts, jacket length, or whether geometric, striped, patterned or plain ties are in this season.

Considering components of the overall outlet, like the jacket, the tie, the pants width for example, you – or your bloke – can bring an old piece into the current times, and still look trendy. Of course, some trends are really aimed at particular segments – think ‘Hipster’ and inner city urbanites.

And of course some blokes are happy with their classic suits for work, and their jeans and the decades old t-shirt that would really look better in the bin for relaxing at home.

Being aware of what’s ‘in’ at any given moment is always handy; it’s when blokes dress like a male catwalk model that things can get a little out of control.

Our January Sale Starts Tomorrow

Posted on 13 January 2015 | Comments Off


We’ve decided to have a January sale here at Gifts For Blokes.  We know that January is a huge month for birthdays and anniversaries so it makes sense to have a sale now.

So, starting tomorrow (from Wednesday 14th) from 9am, we will be having a January clearance sale with 20% off everything.  Yes, that includes items already on special!

So, the beautiful book “Bound for Australia” which is already reduced to $32.95 (a saving of $7 on the marked price) will be 20% cheaper tomorrow.

All Doctor Who merchandise will be marked down by 20% tomorrow.

Take 20% off all barware including stubby holders, bottle openers, wine pourers and all drink related gifts.

The sale ends midnight Sunday 18th January and items are only available while stocks last.  The discount will be calculated during checkout and of course, excludes postage.

Shop now and save money on the gifts you need to buy for your blokes.

Looking Back At 2014

Posted on 8 January 2015 | Comments Off

cooler bagHaving reflected, once we got over the madness of Christmas and the sending of orders, on the year that was 2014 we can’t help but notice how much we’ve given blokes.

Smiles here and there, boredom busters, help and support, and gifts to stimulate their minds, entertain, and inform them. Some men were even able to lift their game (mostly golf) as a result of products from Gifts For Blokes.

Our most popular Christmas sellers, and those throughout the year, were those that were of the more practical nature.

The cooler bag was a popular choice amongst purchases and gift-givers, and the theme was very much Dr Who. The Tardis Cooler bag appeared to be the favourite amongst you all. And why not?! It is brilliant, as well as being useful.

It also looks as though a few man caves and home offices are letting in the light with a Petrol Bowser Lamp further up the list of last year’s best sellers. The awesome vintage/retro look means it can be placed in most man spaces, and the red colour will stimulate the mind and encourage creativity. Not only that, it just looks fabulous, with loads of great attention to detail and emits a light glow to brighten any mood.

man tinIn keeping with the cool theme, it seems blokes do like an icy beverage when the need calls. Second and third on our best sellers list are the Beer Chill Sticks and the Stainless Steel Ice Cubes. Both are highly practical and will fulfill their promises of keeping your beer and other beverages chilled to the perfect temperatures.

The biggest and best seller for the season, however, was the Man Tin. It not only provides the perfect receptacle for any blokes bits, bobs and other paraphernalia he just has to keep, it also prevents him from using your good Tupperware to keep all his ‘stuff’ in.

Ideal for all situations; from storing things in the garage to keeping items in the briefcase organised. No wonder blokes love it.

All in all, it was a great year and we’ve loved having you and your bloke along for the ride. We’re really looking forward to 2015.

And So 2015 Is Here..

Posted on 6 January 2015 | Comments Off

Rear viwe of a relaxed businessmanWelcome to 2015. Last year is all done, and the new year is upon us. It is tempting to start afresh, and many are motivated to make resolutions that will have them welcoming 2016 a better version of their current selves. But others are wary of getting swept up by enthusiasm that will peter out, or making promises they can’t keep. Many delay making plans while they wonder, “How can I make sure this year is not like every other?”

There is also a lot to be said for limiting your real resolution to just one life-changing decision. People who try to do too much at once seldom do anything well, but by focussing all attentions on one resolution increases the chances that you will follow through with that. Pick one significant change that you believe is truly achievable. There are no limits on what a resolution could entail,  but it also helps to list the benefits of the choice extensively. Keeping your list visible for moments when resolve weakens increases the likelihood of maintaining motivation as the days and weeks roll by.

Studies have shown that only around 12% of people fulfill resolutions set in the New Year. So how can you make sure you are one of the lucky ones? Evidence suggests that men who keep their resolutions to themselves have a greater chance of achieving them. (The opposite is true for women). It helps to be detailed when setting goals for yourself, focussing on the steps needed to achieve a greater goal. Keep a diary marking mini-goals each week, each specific task the next step on the way to your greater goal. Make a plan to reach these measurable guideposts (an accumulating number of kilos lost or an increasing amount of money saved, for instance), and stick to it. But remember, keep it all under wraps until real congratulations are in order.

Finally, avoid the temptation of attempting a resolution you failed at in 2014. Pick a different one, and play the biggest chance at finishing the year a changed bloke!

Merry Christmas From Gifts For Blokes

Posted on 25 December 2014 | Comments Off

merry christmas

Well the big day has arrived – are you excited?  I know we are.

Christmas is definitely one of our favourite times of the year.

So from all of us to all of you – we hope you have an enjoyable and fun Christmas Day.

And if you keep your eyes open tomorrow you might see a little Boxing Day sale happening…

- Gifts For Blokes

The Yuletide Beard

Posted on 23 December 2014 | Comments Off



Gentlemen, how prepared are you for Christmas?  I don’t mean in terms of gifts or even the tree.  I mean, how prepared is your look?

beard baubles

If you are following the current fashion and sporting a beard, take a look at this new invention which is taking off in the UK.  Called Beard Baubles, they are this year’s smash hit.  Each pack contains 14 multicoloured baubles to attach to facial hair – ten large balls and four small ones. All proceeds from the baubles go to Beardseason, an initiative to raise awareness for the fight against Melanoma.

The baubles have been so popular that they were featured as a key part of the launch of a new Samsung product.  Take a look at the video on the UK’s Daily Mail site.

So, fellas.  Have you thought about doing something festive with all that facial hair?   A candy cane here and there or perhaps a tickling of tinsel?

It’s Christmas. If you can’t play with your facial hair now, you never will!

Even More New (Last Minute) Gift Ideas For Blokes

Posted on 18 December 2014 | Comments Off


There’s still some, but not much, time left to get the Christmas presents you need for the blokes in your life; whether it is the office Kris Kringle, a token gift for the music or swimming teacher, or for a bloke with a little more significance to you in your life, we have you covered.

Light up a bloke’s life with one of these lamps or lights. From lamps for a side table, in the man cave or shed, or something practical for fishing or camping trips, you’ll find it here.

A sign for the office, bathroom, pool room or shed is always a great gift idea. Whether it’s a novelty sign, an image of his dream car, superhero, inspirational quote, or some all important rules it will be a hit.


Practical items that come in handy on occasion are also well received. Cufflinks are something a bloke will need at some point, and he may be more inclined to wear them if they are something that appeal to him. From Batman to BFF cufflinks and everything in between, you’ll find something to suit his style.

For the Dr Who loving bloke, we’ve been receiving new stock over the last few months, so we have a huge range of Dr Who merchandise for you to choose from. From aprons  to Dalek stubby holders, from ties to all manner of mug, there’ll be something there just for your bloke.

In fact, so big and so popular has our overall range been that our Top 10 has become a Top 20 gifts for men!

So browse our online store and get your bloke something awesome this Christmas.

You may even like to pass this list of last minute ideas on to your bloke, so he can get the blokes in his life something awesome, too!

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