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10 Of Our Best Blokes Posts

Posted on 27 May 2015 | Comments Off

handsome-682111_640Sitting by the barbie, beer in hand, bum firmly and comfortably planted in the well-worn groove, some reminiscing over past posts on Gifts for Blokes occurred.

We really have poured out a heap of bloke-themed stuff over the years, and not just gifts, games, or do-dads either.

For a start, we hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding of the important things in a blokes life.

Things like knowing your lager from your ale for a start! Before you knew about what you need to know about beer how did you hold up a conversation over a beer about … well, beer?

Getting kick started in the morning is another of life’s necessities. It was important then, to know the four steps to the perfect morning coffee, and to remember to apply the same four steps to your mornings. How did you go with that?

A bloke’s health is something we do care about very much. Providing options for healthy eating, like with a recipe for a healthy pizza that blokes will love, was just the start of it.

Blokes also tend to do a few things that drive women – and sometimes their friends – mental. Things like withdrawing into their metaphorical caves. Providing them with tips and tools on how to cope with loneliness is something we felt was essential not just for blokes, but for everyone else in their lives.

And sitting at home with their pizza – delicious as it is – does not count as company!

beer-349876_640Encouraging them to “man up” and check out their health is also hugely important. Thus we were most inspired by the man, and his sexy blue dodge automobile, making it a mission to travel Australia and do a fair amount of encouraging men to man up of his own accord.

Him and the guy that does stand-up comedy about prostate cancer, which sounds a little like an paradox, but some amazing things are coming out of it – men are doing something about getting their prostates checked!

(For the record, the prostate checking is NOT part of the show!)

Providing support for big blokes for their little blokes is equally important, so what do you do when you’re medium sized bloke comes home and says “I think I’m a poof!”? You get what you need to support the both of you, and it can be done.

We have had some very important discussion, too, like the history of handkerchiefs and the impact they have had on the world, and, of course, the all-important History of Star Wars in under 500 words. Ish.

One of our favourites, however, was discussing Movie Dads, and which Movie Dad resembled our own dad most. Oh the memories!

Mostly, we loved any story that went against the grain of what we hear most about blokes. The posts that portray them as a vast majority of them are; loving, caring, and brave.

Do you have a favourite Blokes Post?

You Can’t Be Captain Without The Cap

Posted on 25 May 2015 | Comments Off

cap_ancientmariner_lg__46925.1405414696.1280.1280You love sailing the high seas, captain of your own ship.  You love the sound of your sailors saying “Aye, aye, Captain” whenever you bark out an order…

OK, so your ship might be a tinny, and the high seas might be the waters of your local lake, but there’s nothing to stop you being Captain of the vessel, especially with the right gear.

Take a look at our nautical caps.

cap_skipper_lg__60014.1405411349.1280.1280Perhaps you’re more of an Ancient Mariner or Old Sea Dog, than fisherman. Perhaps you have a sidekick learning the ropes, who’d make a great Cabin Boy. And perhaps you’re not as good at fishing as you are at captaining your vessel, but then, Nobody’s Perfect.

These caps are fun and practical, too. Made from 100% cotton twill material, these navy coloured caps have a sweat-resistant hem and reinforcing sewn around the inside. The caps are very durable. The brims are made from plastic (not cardboard), and covered in soft fawn-coloured suedette on top with navy covered twill underneath, to reduce glare on the eyes.

The size-adjusting strap has a metal buckle, and metal sleeve for tucking away the end neatly. Each cap has its title embroidered with cotton thread.

If you’re an Old Sea Dog (or your bloke is) buy him a cap to protect his head from the elements, and to let everyone know just exactly who he is.

Aye, aye, Captain.

Who Wants A K-9 Companion?

Posted on 21 May 2015 | Comments Off

doctor_who_k_9_smartphone__14362.1429142787.1280.1280Well, since you asked…affirmative!

It’s widespread knowledge that dogs are a bloke’s best friend, and fans of the Doctor will know that a K-9 Companion in particular is always fun to have around. In case you haven’t noticed, Gifts for Blokes is stocking a smartphone controlled replica of Doctor Who’s logical and loyal companion. Fans and the uninitiated alike will love getting hold of the controls.

When he was introduced to the TV show back in the 1970s,  K-9 made a big impact, being a clever, car-proof canine with a laser weapon in his nose. Our version has no working laser, but does show signs of intelligence, and also sports wriggling ears, an inbuilt voice and eyes that light up. One cool thing about this pup is that it is not run with regular remote control, but actually controlled through bluetooth, attached to your android or iphone. There are options within the device to operate K-9 using a virtual joystick or by simple tilts of your phone. This modern day technology puts a great spin on a toy from the classic show, as K-9 appears to be from the future.

So if you are looking for a gift for that Doctor Who fan who has it all already, or looking to distract a bunch of people whose dinner party banter always turns to in-depth analysis of just who really was the best Doctor, your search is over. This robotic pooch will roam around on its motorised base, making everyone feel at ease with his loyal companionship.

Why Turning 40 Isn’t The End Of The World

Posted on 19 May 2015 | Comments Off

40th_birthday_card_for_men__83272.1405411956.1280.1280We’ve all heard the clichés about being “over the hill”, once we turn the “big 4-0″, but entering your 40s is not really the beginning of some downward slide into geriatric oblivion that some would have you believe. In fact, turning 40 might just be the beginning of one of the best times in your life!

After all, as we get older, we usually get better at a lot of the most important things in life. We tend to be more patient and grow in knowledge and wisdom as we accumulate tons of new life experiences each year.

It’s also in our forties that most of us figure out what we are passionate about, what our purpose is for being alive, what is really essential to being happy, and what things really aren’t as important as we once so fervently believed. It’s often in our 40s that we feel secure enough to start making strides towards achieving some of our greatest dreams and goals. Life isn’t over at 40 – it’s just beginning – and you need to celebrate it and get the party started!

You can help ease your bloke’s worries and show him that he really shouldn’t feel down about achieving this milestone in his life by helping him celebrate the next chapter! At Gifts for Blokes, we have all the turning 40 birthday gifts and party accessories that you need to help you and your mate rock this transition in style!

Gift Ideas for the Big 4-0!

As you celebrate his big day, why not get started with a Life Begins at 40 Birthday Card? This lighthearted card also doubles as an eye test chart as you wish your guy many happy returns on his special day.

If your bloke needs something a bit more to put a smile on his face,  A 40 and Proud of It book contains a selection of famous quotes and funny sayings to help him get over his glum mood and celebrate this exciting new time in his life. Our Age is Irrelevant Birthday Coupons also make a fun and festive gift for those that are resistant to the idea of getting another year “older and wiser.” As this booklet so aptly reminds us, turning older is indeed, “better than the alternative!”

nu3bloxx1__20611.1405412637.1280.1280You can also take the sting out of the day by making it more fun for the birthday boy to get his cake and eat it too with one or more packs of Blokz Birthday Candles. These colourful candles are formed in the shape of everyone’s favourite toy building block, and allow your guy to get an early start on his second child hood! Each pack comes with 6 candles; buy additional packs so others can join in the fun!

If your bloke is a true beer lover, you can be certain to put a more lasting smile on his face with either a pewter or stainless steel Happy 40th Birthday Pilsner. These durable and stylish pilsners can help your bloke keep the party going long after the special day passes.

If none of these Turning 40 themed ideas truly hit the mark, don’t forget to check out our regular stock of fun gifts and themed merchandise. Whether your bloke is a die hard Doctor Who fan or has dreams of going over to the “dark side,” in a “galaxy far, far, away,” we have you covered with a wide selection of items that are certain to please even the most particular age conscious bloke!

The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what gifts you choose, don’t neglect to celebrate this important event! After all, as the esteemed actress Helen Hayes once famously said, “Age is not important unless you’re a cheese!”

Are Beards A Health Hazard?

Posted on 14 May 2015 | Comments Off

597765__47705.1405413962.1280.1280Hipster beards are everywhere. The last time facial hair was this popular Ned Kelly was terrorising country Victoria on horseback. Back then the science to check for bacteria didn’t exist, fortunately, and I hope you’re not reading this whilst having a snack because I’m about to risk spoiling your appetite. A group of microbiologists in New Mexico swabbed a number of beards to discover some contained more bacteria than a toilet. Yep. Boys are using the bathroom then playing with their beards without soap and water in between. Did I mention yuck?

“I’m a pretty clean eater, so my beard probably just smells like the blood of my enemies, as usual.”

- Eric Hendrixson

On the other hand beards can actually be good for your health apparently. Beards are better at blocking UV rays than sunscreen and the thicker the hair the better. Less sun exposure leads to less risk of skin cancer. Not just a natural sunscreen, beards help keep your skin looking young and fresh even though you can’t see it and the beard itself can make you look older. Mmm. Ok then.

Health-wise, if you suffer from asthma or hay fever a beard can reduce those symptoms too as they help filter all the nasties that can irritate your airways and it’s also claimed that the insulation provided by a face full of hair can help prevent colds or at least battle them. Other professionals suggest that beards can harbour and pass on viruses from facial hair to facial hair.

We girls know how uncomfortable hair removal can be and dragging a sharp implement across your face daily can’t be fun, especially when it’s often undertaken first thing in the morning before you’ve fully woken or had a coffee. Ouch. Razor cuts! Another problem with hair removal are potential infections and rashes, such as folliculitis which is a fancy way of saying the hair follicle gets infected. Boys get ingrown hairs too and they can be particularly unpleasant as well as really obvious. No shaving means no nasties.

Just because a beard means you don’t have to shave doesn’t mean hairy men can set and forget. Please, for the love of all things clean and healthy, wash those hands before you touch your beard or even better don’t touch it at all! And on the subject of washing, your facial rug needs a regular wash as well. A mild shampoo is recommended so you don’t dry out the skin, and conditioner is also helpful to keep your beard soft and manageable. Gently dry your pride and joy with a soft towel and detangle using a wide toothed comb. If you’re really proud of your beard (or vain) and you find a little (or a lot) of silver creeping in you can colour your beard too. Oh my word. This beard grooming business is serious stuff. If you haven’t heard enough of beard colouring and grooming you can read more and share your love of all things hairy.

“I enjoy scratching itches on my body with my beard stubble. The worst though is when my lower back itches.”

― Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

Blokes And Their Bravery

Posted on 12 May 2015 | Comments Off

baby-539969_640Although we sometimes make fun of our blokes (as they do of us) we do recognise that they are amazing creatures. Strong yet soft, tough yet gentle.

Above all, they are capable of immense bravery without a second thought. They fight our fires for us, give us first aid and cart us off in ambulances when necessary, and do all the “dirty” work that women don’t like to do.

We send them off to war and they don’t complain because it’s not ‘manly’. And we expect them to slot back into society and family as though they’ve never been through the traumatic experience.

Our men are capable of amazing feats of bravery. Take a look at this recent article from the Herald Sun.

Two men and their kids are out collecting wood on a country property. It’s something they’ve often done and there was no reason to expect anything unusual to happen, yet on this particular day, it did. The ute in which they were collecting the wood decided to slide down the hill, straight towards the youngest of the kids.

Both men threw themselves towards the child, pushing him out of the way, and both sustained serious injuries as a result. The man with the most severe injuries was not even the child’s father, yet he willingly put himself in danger to save him.

Sometimes it’s worth stopping to acknowledge such bravery and recognise our blokes for everything they do. Yes, these days women are starting to work in the same kind of roles and they should also be acknowledged, but our blokes don’t have the same social release that women can find. They don’t talk about their feelings. They usually play down their successes.

So, blokes. We want you to know that we respect you, and we do recognise your physical, mental and emotional strength. You are brave creatures and we love you.

Opening An Account

Posted on 7 May 2015 | Comments Off

mini_rc_buggy__68622.1415682328.1280.1280You already know how convenient it is to shop online, as well as how much fun it can be. You have the window shopping experience leading to a purchase, followed by the joy when the courier or Australia Post delivery driver arrives with your parcel. It’s convenient, and the range and variety is fantastic. Who doesn’t love online shopping? I’m going to make another assumption that you love shopping online with Gifts for Blokes, perhaps because of our ever changing range, award winning customer service, fast dispatch usually within 24 of cleared payment, or a combination of all these things. And if you ask nicely, we will gift wrap your purchase at no cost. What more could you want really?

But in the words of a clichéd late night shopping ad on television, but wait, there’s more!

What if your shopping experience with Gifts for Blokes could be even more convenient and easier, and dare I suggest even more fun, with one simple step.

blokes_bbq_roast_pack_lg__82550.1405410924.1280.1280It’s as easy as creating an account so that you never need enter your delivery address again, unless that address is different or new. For example if you want to send the gift purchase directly to the recipient and save double handling. And remember the free gift wrapping service mentioned earlier? We can do that too. Say your bloke is in another state, or even just another suburb, add that address to your account, let us know you’d like gift wrapping and we will send the parcel directly to them. So you get the joy and convenience of online shopping and they get the surprise of a nicely wrapped package containing a mystery present until they tear open the paper and unwrap the surprise. And better still it’s so easy for you to make them smile.

Creating an account allows you to check out easier and track your orders too. Which can be a huge benefit when you’re busy or trying to keep on top of your gift giving.

If the man in your life has a special event coming up or you just like to be prepared and know exactly what kind of product he like you can also create a wish list to save time and make purchasing easier.

Kind of like a gift registry, you or the bloke can make suggestions for the kind of gifts he would like and your friends and family can be given the link to our site and the gift suggestions and Bob’s your uncle.

So next time you shop with us, whether it’s the first time or the 10th, create that account; log back in next time and we’ll make your shopping experience even better.

Gifts for blokes, men’s gifts made even easier!

Travel In Style

Posted on 5 May 2015 | Comments Off

travel_round_tag_green_lg__03353.1405413688.1280.1280Whether the trip that you have in mind is a long or short one, travel isn’t always all fun and adventure. Leaving the comfort and familiarity of your home behind when you go on a bit of a holiday almost always involves a bit of a readjustment.

At Gifts for Blokes, we know that travelling for business or pleasure can be a bit of a hassle at times. Luckily we have just the travelling accessories that you need to make your next expedition go more smoothly. These items will help you get more organised so that you can travel in both comfort and style.

The last thing that you want to have to do when you travel is to spend your valuable time chasing down your luggage. This is why we offer brightly coloured Happy Flight Straps and Tags so that you can avoid misplacing your luggage. If something does go awry we also have an economical Wireless Luggage Tracker. The tracker allows you to home in on your lost bags as well as sounds an alarm should someone move them.

tangram__57115.1405415167.1280.1280We can also help blokes keep up their appearance with this handy Shaving and Grooming Kit that’s designed with the special needs of the frequent traveller in mind. The soft shelled case zips up to keep the shaving mirror, folding comb, lint brush, and razor with three spare blades tucked securely inside.

If swimming or a visit to the spa are on your itinerary, this Washing Travel Pouch is perfect to keep your wet items such as socks, or swimming trunks separate from the rest of your clothing.

Finally, you might need something to occupy your mind during your down time,  so why not select one or more fun games from our range of Pocket IQ Games. This range of games is deliberately fashioned on a smaller scale, which makes them easy to toss into your suitcase. A quick game is the perfect way to kill some time if you find yourself on a long flight or otherwise in need of distraction.

As you make your final preparations, one last thing that you will want to remember is to “forget” to pack up your worries. Leave your concerns and other stressors behind you when you go on your trip and throw yourself into enjoying your break from your normal routine.

Does He Like Mum’s Cooking Best?

Posted on 30 April 2015 | Comments Off


Don’t shoot the messenger but I’m sorry to tell you, he probably does like her cooking more than yours. Her, being his mum, you, being his wife.

Food Network UK asked one of the most controversial questions in a marriage, and more than half admitted they preferred the traditional and hearty food that mum makes. If they were smart they didn’t admit this in front of the wife, nor tell the mum. The havoc that would cause.

Ever since Eve started it all by offering Adam the apple, woman’s punishment has been to supply a man with food then suffer the consequences when it disagrees with him – Helen Rowland 

Your loving husband probably prefers your mother in law as a cook instead of you because she is less likely to serve him ready made meals, will have a wider repertoire of dishes and will cook him his favourite meals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why these things occur. She didn’t have the convenience and choice supermarkets now offer this generation of mothers and old habits die hard. She is likely to have far more time on her hands and why wouldn’t she want to spoil her son with his favourite meals. Humph.

The UK study which surveyed 2000 brave souls willing to answer also found that one in four men admitted to sneaking home to mums for a meal without admitting it to their significant other. They probably valued their life more so we can’t blame them for that.

On the subject of bravery, 47% of men surveyed admitted to have the guts (pun intended) to complain to the wife or girlfriend if they felt the meal wasn’t up to scratch. 10% consistently complain if their standards are not met and most disrespectful of all, 10% have flat out refused to eat a meal cooked with love by his partner. Those men have courage! It will come as no surprise that of those hard to please men, two thirds advised their complaints about food caused disharmony at home. Pretty sure a survey wasn’t needed to identify that fact.

What is food to one, is to others bitter poison – Titus Lucretius Carus 

Mother in laws are not the most sensitive souls in this scenario, 5% asking their son if he is eating properly  and 16% taking pot shots at the love of their son’s life about the quality of the food being served or the wasting skeleton of the son they birthed and love. Wow. Just wow.

Just because this wasn’t stressful enough, mothers and mother in laws also like to go head to head in some families with 24% saying there had been a confrontation between the pair at some point related to who prepares the best food.

Seriously, if someone was cooking for me most days of the week, and often meal planning and shopping as well, I would smile, nod and say thank you very much whilst counting my lucky stars.

And when the family, mother and mother in law included was getting together I’d be finding a friendly restaurant or calling for takeaway.

Or better still, getting the blokes to cook.

Romantic Gifts For Mother’s Day

Posted on 28 April 2015 | Comments Off

mug_xoxo_lg__83291.1405413628.1280.1280Whether it’s the woman that actually gave birth to you, the woman that raised you, or even the woman that you are lucky enough to be sharing your life with, mothers have an important place in the lives and hearts of nearly all blokes. The day that’s set aside to recognise and honor these important women in your life is coming up soon – Sunday, May 10th to be exact – so it’s important for blokes everywhere to man up and show their mums some love and affection on their special day!

Now, the challenge is deciding what to get your mum on her special day. This can be quite the difficult task, because, after all, she has you in her life. So, she has everything she could possibly need or want, right? Umm…no, the answer to that question is a big No with a capital N. You need to find her a gift that shows her how much you love her and appreciate her.

Most blokes lead busy lives and really don’t feel like they have a lot of time to spend shopping for gifts, so they usually go for picking up some flowers, chocolate, wine, or maybe even a gift certificate to mum’s favorite restaurant or spa. All of these are great choices too, but at Gifts for Blokes, we know that sometimes you want to go with a present that’s a little less traditional and a bit more personal. So, to save you some time and hassle, we’ve come up with these Romantic gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can pick up for mum right on our site!

If You Love Your Mum, Just Say So, In Your Own Words!

Either by itself, or paired with another gift, our Love and Kisses Card is the perfect way to both show and tell your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. The card is deliberately left blank inside and leaves you plenty of room to thank your mum for all of the times that she’s loved and supported you.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Show Mum You Love Her!

Either our Photo Album with Heart Cover or our Love Photo Frame are a great way to express your love and admiration for your mum. Be certain to include your favorite photo of the two of you together in the frame or front heart cover. To make the album extra special, fill it with photos of your life together and include candid shots of special events, and other family members and friends.

Give Her Hugs and Kisses Every Morning!

Doctor_Who_Dalek_Salt_Pepper_Shaker__48787.1429223633.1280.1280Most mums need a good cup of coffee or tea to start their day off right, so why not ensure that she knows you are sending her heaps of hugs and kisses every day with our oversized XOXO mug?

Don’t Be Afraid to Give Out of the Ordinary Gifts

All of our mothers are extraordinary, so of course they deserve gifts that show we recognise their unique and individual personalities. While all of the suggestions that we’ve made so far are all exceptional gift ideas, it’s possible that your mother really isn’t very sentimental or romantic. May be you have an extra cool mum, even though you would never admit that to her.

So, if your mum is extra awesome and genuinely a fan of everyone’s favourite time travelling doctor, Doctor Who, or perhaps a Star Wars fan, don’t be afraid to select her a gift from our selection of themed merchandise. Just make certain that she is indeed a fan first, before you have her donning and totally rocking that Jedi Bathrobe!


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