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Even More New (Last Minute) Gift Ideas For Blokes

Posted on 18 December 2014 | No responses


There’s still some, but not much, time left to get the Christmas presents you need for the blokes in your life; whether it is the office Kris Kringle, a token gift for the music or swimming teacher, or for a bloke with a little more significance to you in your life, we have you covered.

Light up a bloke’s life with one of these lamps or lights. From lamps for a side table, in the man cave or shed, or something practical for fishing or camping trips, you’ll find it here.

A sign for the office, bathroom, pool room or shed is always a great gift idea. Whether it’s a novelty sign, an image of his dream car, superhero, inspirational quote, or some all important rules it will be a hit.


Practical items that come in handy on occasion are also well received. Cufflinks are something a bloke will need at some point, and he may be more inclined to wear them if they are something that appeal to him. From Batman to BFF cufflinks and everything in between, you’ll find something to suit his style.

For the Dr Who loving bloke, we’ve been receiving new stock over the last few months, so we have a huge range of Dr Who merchandise for you to choose from. From aprons  to Dalek stubby holders, from ties to all manner of mug, there’ll be something there just for your bloke.

In fact, so big and so popular has our overall range been that our Top 10 has become a Top 20 gifts for men!

So browse our online store and get your bloke something awesome this Christmas.

You may even like to pass this list of last minute ideas on to your bloke, so he can get the blokes in his life something awesome, too!

Christmas Drinks – More Than Just Beer

Posted on 16 December 2014 | No responses


Being all hot and bothered at this time of year, beer does seem to be the preferred choice of beverage; for BBQs and Christmas lunches, it is a good choice.

Beer can become a little mundane however, even with the vast range of options available. Whether imported or local, sometimes you just want something that is not beer.


Christmas Spirit

For a truly authentic Christmas experience for all your guests, try this:

A dozen eggs

A cup of sugar


Dark Rum



Ground cloves



Mix it well, and serve it – warm after heating in a saucepan over a low heat, or cold – in a mug.

Obviously, that’s enough to share around…it’s not a recommended quantity for one person.


A martini would be the obvious choice of alternative-to-beer Christmas cheer; clear, sophisticated, minimal ingredients and blokes can delight guests by pretending he is James Bond.

A dash of top-notch gin

Top with vermouth

Add an olive on a toothpick and you’re done

Old Fashioned

Its name says it all, really, and there’s a reason it’s been around so long it is called “old fashioned”. Blokes love it and it’s an easy one to whip up.

Again it is whiskey based, with a touch of bitters and a twist of orange and orange rind.  Sophisticated, subtle and refreshing.


If you’ve overdone the alcohol and need a day or two break from it, yet don’t want to resort to water, there are plenty of other options.

Old Fashioned

There is an alcohol-free version of this drink and it’s just as easy to whip up as the original.

Tonic water

A drop or two of aromatic bitters

Drop in a sugar cube

Add a wedge of orange and a wedge of lemon

Top it with a maraschino cherry and enjoy.


More commonly known as a vodka based mixer, this is an alcohol-free, thirst-quenching alternative.

Simply mix equal parts orange juice and lemon-lime soda or mineral water

Garnish the side of the glass with an orange wedge and top the drink with some ice-cubes.

Virgin Mary

This is the alcohol-free cousin of the Bloody Mary, and is so full of refreshment and goodness it could almost be considered a health drink.

Fill a glass with tomato juice.  Add a splash of lemon juice.  A dash of Worchestershire sauce

A drop or two of Tabasco sauce.

A pinch of salt.

A celery stick, complete with leaves.

Have a very merry Christmas, without too much merry!

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Blokes

Posted on 11 December 2014 | Comments Off

appcopter_lg__64520.1405413462.1280.1280We know you’re already loaded up with ideas, new stock, and Kris Kringles, but given all blokes are different, we feel we may have missed a few great gift ideas for the blokes in your life.

Things like this awesome AppCopter! Awesome because whilst it is RC (remote control) it doesn’t require batteries. In fact, all it needs is your iPod Touch or iPhone. Plug the peripheral into it, and fly your helicopter using the tilt function. There’s hours of fun and entertainment right there, for both the big blokes and the not so big blokes.

Is your bloke a gamer? He’ll love our new Gaming Console Tool Kit. It has proven to be really, really popular! This gaming console tool kit contains all the tools you will need to get into your console and its accessories. It has tools for almost every console and handheld on the market today – WII, X-Box, Playstation  and more.  The tools are all in a handy carry case.

cricketIf your bloke is keen on sounding more sophisticated at work functions or BBQs, he’ll most definitely need a copy of the Beer Buyers Guide. Including beers from Australia and New Zealand, it is an informative manual on the brewing process, taste and textures of beers, and even which beers go best with which meals.

Add The Game of Cricket to his Christmas stocking and he’ll be set for a summer of socialising.

Useful and practical gifts are well received, and items like an Executive Bottle Opener, Cork Wine Rack or Cooler are perfect gift ideas. Not only are they practical and great looking, they’re also handy when it comes to outdoor BBQs or for blokes who are a little accident prone.

You also can’t go wrong with cufflinks or ties, because there will come a time in every bloke’s life where he’ll need one, the other, or both.

There’s not long now till the big bloke in red makes his way down your chimney, so make sure you have your blokes sorted with gifts this Christmas.

Staying Cool In The Heat

Posted on 9 December 2014 | Comments Off

daddy_cool_frosty_mug__13942_1405412383_1280_1280We don’t need to tell you that the Aussie summer can be hot!

Some days, it can be positively scorching and you feel like there is no way at all to keep cool.

Aside from stripping down to your undies and lowering yourself into a kiddie pool, which is not always practical, there are other, easy ways to keep the heat at bay.

Keeping a Daddy Cool Mug in the freezer and adding a bloke’s favourite beverage to it will keep both it and him, cool. Add anything from beer to iced coffee for a refreshingly cool drink, without the need for ice cubes. They’re even suitable for the office freezer, so he can have a cold drink whenever he needs.

spiderman_cooler_bag__38081_1409032092_220_220For keeping drinks cool when transporting them from one place to another, a Six Pack Cooler Bag is perfect for the job. And for keeping drinks cool when you get there, Beer Chill Sticks, Wine Chill Sticks and Stainless Steel Ice Cubes are an absolute must.

Keeping lunch and snacks cool, and to safe eating temperatures can be tricky unless you have a cooler bag to transport your food. From Spiderman to the Tardis and lots in between, there is a cooler bag for your bloke; to keep his lunch safe and keep him looking cool.

If he really gets around, or needs more room to keep things cool, an Insulated Messenger Bag is going to be just what he needs.

There are, of course, a huge range of stubby holders, in a load of designs that will appeal to your bloke and his likes. You always need a handful of stubby holders at your disposal.

Keep cool inside and out this summer.

More New Items In Time For Christmas

Posted on 5 December 2014 | Comments Off

shedTis the season for giving and we’re joining in the spirit, providing you many, many more options for gift ideas for the blokes in your life.

We’ve just received a shipment of new items, and added them to the shop for you. Just in time for Christmas, too.

There are some practical items, for the practical blokes in your life, such as the Shaving and Grooming Travel Kit, a Pop Up Lantern, or super bright LED Lantern, all of which are perfect for camping trips, fishing, or for installation in the Man Cave.

Of course, he may find there are other, more pressing matters, and would find books on How To Speak Droid with R2-D2 much more practical.

Tending to their inner-child and providing them with opportunities for fun and play, they’d simply love an RC Mini Truck, or Buggy, a game of Desktop Foosball, or the fast paced board game, 5 Second Rule.

my_cool_motorcycle__03328.1416457457.1280.1280Speaking of games, you know how frustrated and grumpy your bloke can get when his gaming console does something weird? Sort that out this Christmas with a Gaming Console Tool Kit; small, handy, and extremely useful!  There’s also a tool kit for iPhones.

Best Mates, a photographic journal of canines and their two legged friends, is a great idea for dog-loving blokes. Full of gorgeous images of all kinds of dogs from all across Australia, it makes a fabulous coffee table book and gift.

So too, does Shed, a pictorial representation in book form of sheds and man caves from all over Australia. Showcasing collections, creations, and the typical Aussie shed, it also provides inspiration and motivation for blokes. My Cool Motorbike is another book, filled with stunning photos that will appeal to and inspire blokes.

For moments of relaxation, some background noise as they work in their shed, or just some tunes to listen to, grab them a Retro Sounds music player. Complete with AM/FM radio and built in amplifier, it also caters for your smartphone, tablet or other portable music device.

There are plenty more ideas where these came from and remember to purchase your gifts for your blokes soon!

Christmas Cut-off & Closure Dates

Posted on 4 December 2014 | Comments Off

Christmas postal datesJust in case you missed this information in our latest newsletter, here it is again.

We do suggest ordering as early as possible for Christmas, but if you are running late with a gift or two, after approx 16th December, if you are outside Victoria, we suggest maybe choosing Express Post.

If you are in areas of  FNQ/NT/WA (outside Perth) some areas can take up to 10 -14 days via regular post.Please check our postage timeframes for more information.

Our last posting date before Christmas is Tuesday 23rd December with the cutoff time for that day being 10 am (Melbourne time). Orders placed after that time will not be posted until Monday 29th December.

We will be closed from 12 noon on Wednesday 24th December and re-open on Monday 29th December.

On Monday 29th December – Wednesday 31st our office hours will be 9 am – 1 pm and orders will be posted out.

We will be closed on New Years Day, then also closed on Friday 2nd of January as Australia Post is also closed that day.


What About The Missus?

Posted on 2 December 2014 | Comments Off

iStock_000024086772SmallWhilst we’ve got the gifts for blokes covered this impending merry season, one wonders about the missus. What does one purchase for her?

There are plenty of options and ideas out there, both on and offline, but blokes, if you get it wrong, you’ll never live it down.

Here’s some handy info for the blokes out there:

Good Gift Ideas

The best advice is to find out what she wants. There’s a good chance one of two things will occur when you ask her:

1. She has already dropped hints, cut things out of catalogues and stuck them to the fridge, or sent you links in emails, or;

2. She will just expect you to know, and if you don’t ‘just know’ you are in big trouble.

If she’s done the former, next time you head to the fridge for a beer, see if there’s anything stuck on it that may indicate what she’s after.

The tip here is to purchase exactly what it is she has said; the same model, size, colour, speed, level of sparkliness…whatever it is, get that one and only that one.

Check your email inbox for emails from her that contain seemingly random links. Check her Facebook profile, and even her website history to see what she’s been checking out. These things tell you more than you realise.

Give her an alternative brand, a different shape, another colour and it’s not going to cut it. Even if you go the more expensive version of what she’s asked for, thinking you’ve done the right thing, is still wrong. Don’t go there.

If she just expects you to know, you’re probably safer asking. If asking puts you in the bad books, take her shopping, and take note (or photos) of the things that pique her interest.

She is likely to say things like “Oh, isn’t that adorable!?” and if you ask if that’s what she wants for Christmas and she says “Oh, no, it’s okay” or similar, get her that thing.

She does not mean “no”. She means she wants it, and wants it bad!

Bad Gift Ideas

Pre-packaged baskets of beauty or bath products, scented candles, and foot spas are all off the gift list. These are not even to be considered under any circumstances.

Vouchers are another off limits idea, unless they have been very, explicitly asked for. Always buy from the specific store she has stated, and even then, buy something she will actually like to accompany it.

Household items are best steered clear of when it comes to gifts for your wife/girlfriend/partner.

Even if she has it taped to the fridge, do not consider any item that can be construed as a kitchen or laundry appliance as a gift, especially not for Christmas.

This is even more important if the item can be interpreted as her doing something for you; for example, an iron represents her standing there, ironing your shirts. Whilst this is not necessarily the reality, this is how it is and will be perceived.

Just don’t do it.

Hopefully that’s given you some food for thought and cleared a few things up for you.  Basically, your safest bet is to ask her what she really wants, don’t accept “whatever” for an answer, and if she says “no”, she really means “yes”.

And please stay away from household appliances. For the sake of your safety and sanity, just don’t even think about it.

Check Out Our Christmas Gift Guide

Posted on 27 November 2014 | Comments Off

christmas-gifts-for-men-2014-5Clicking around a website for ideas for gifts for Christmas is fun, but sometimes you prefer the good, old fashioned catalogue.

Although, being a world that finds being online much more practical, easy to access anywhere at any time, and with an aversion to letterboxes stuffed full of ‘junk mail’, sometimes the good old fashioned catalogue is not as easy as it appears to be.

That is, until now, where you can select the catalogues you want to review, and only those you want to review, and you can do so online.

For example, check out Gifts for Blokes’ online Christmas Gift Guide, online, right now, by visiting http://issuu.com/giftsforblokes/docs/gifts-for-blokes-christmas-guide-no/0

It not only provides you with a great selection of gift ideas, it also includes the perfect gifts for ALL the blokes you need to buy for this Christmas.

You also have the ability to share specific, selected gifts with your online networks; perhaps to get a feel for whether the intended recipient approves or not, or to offer suggestions for group gift ideas involving others. Or to simply share the love.

Unlike traditional, stuffed in the letterbox gift guides, there is a little ‘link’ button on each gift, which will take you directly to the information and details page within the Gifts for Blokes website. It’s easy to find out more about the gift you’re considering, and easier still to buy it right there and then.

Have a squiz, and remember to get your orders in soon so you can be assured of delivery well in time for Christmas Day.

Have fun shopping.

Kris Kringle Gifts For Blokes

Posted on 25 November 2014 | Comments Off

mitt_stand_clear_lg__10292_1405411709_1280_1280Whether it’s an extended-family thing you’ve got happening, or something organised at the office, there’s a good chance you’ll be required to purchase some small gift for any number of blokes in your life; from brothers to cousins, from your boss to Kevin in accounts.

Thankfully, Gifts for Blokes has just what you need; gifts for blokes.

If it’s something for the office Kris Kringle you require, a Desktop Skip, a special ‘pick your nose’ coffee mug, Hula Girl or Duncan the Drinking Bird for the desk top could be just the thing you’re after.

coaster_tea_lg__62001_1405413553_1280_1280You generally can’t go wrong with beer-related gifts for blokes, from coasters to bottle openers, and everything in between. Stubby holders, themed or otherwise are always handy, and you can really get into the Christmas cheer, with a Christmas beer stubby holder – complete with recordable sounds for your own personal message, or a tune or two to delight the gift recipient.

As the weather warms up, a 6 pack Cooler Carry Bag is an absolute must, and the perfect Kris Kringle gift for anyone. For your food loving bloke, perhaps an oven mitt is just what he needs. Better still, how about a very, very useful BBQ gas bottle gauge.

Coffee mugs, books of jokes for blokes, and little things to keep them entertained, you’ll find all you need for Kris Kringles for the blokes in your life this coming festive season.

New Games And Puzzles

Posted on 20 November 2014 | Comments Off

building_dreams_motorcyle_jigsaw__28564_1414733396_1280_1280Blokes aren’t all about playing golf and fantasising over cars and such. Many also require a bit of stimulation of the old grey matter, or motivation to spend some quality time with the kids that doesn’t involve wrestling or action movies.

It’s a good thing, then, that we have some brand new items in stock, just for blokes, that will help keep their minds active and the boredom at bay. They also appeal to the loves of blokes’ lives; Dr Who, cars (Ford or Holden) and a variety of other things that the men in your life like.

For a bit of quiet time for themselves, or quality time working on something with the kids, a puzzle is a great option. Motor bikes and cars, scenery and architecture, or even classic moments like the Sturgis Rally will please him.

For a little more mind-muscle power, a Galileo’s Globe Puzzle may be just what he needs to work through the problems of his life, or to help him relax after a long, hard week at work.

monopolyBoard games are another great gift that are filled with fun, as well as requiring strategy and scheming. Perfect for this kind of play is the Tantrix Game Pack, for one to four players.

Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and Risk, Dr Who themed or otherwise, are great ways to spend days when you’re stuck indoors, have time off work, or your bloke is just looking for a good excuse not to do that DIY project you’ve been on at him for months now.

Whether he needs some time to himself, with the family, or just to have some mates around, you’ll find all manner of gifts, games and puzzles for your bloke.

You may find you even get a little bit of peace and quiet, yourself, or the opportunity to spend some great time with your bloke, strengthening your relationship.

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