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Let’s change a few of your bloke’s habits.

Posted on 17 April 2014 | Comments Off

Did you know that some of your bloke’s habits are not good for him?  I’m not talking about eating the wrong foods or smoking; I’m talking about the less obvious ones. In fact, some of them are downright sneaky.

Lack of sleep                              

He doesn’t wake up grouchy just because he doesn’t get enough sleep.  While he might be functioning OK on the outside, his health is suffering.  Lack of sleep is linked to all sorts of horrible health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.  It can also lead to slower reaction times which can be disastrous if he is driving or working with machinery.  The worst part is that you gradually become used to losing sleep so you don’t question it.  And blokes will always tell you they feel fine, even if they don’t.

What can you do?  Get him into bed.  Just like the kids, he needs regular sleeping hours in peaceful conditions.  You might have to bribe him in the beginning until the new hours become a habit, but it is worth it.


Too much noise

There is a thrill that loud music gives you that is hard to match and most blokes can’t get enough of a good thing.  Turn that sound up to the max!  But what happens to your ears under the barrage of noise?

Now this applies to the kids, too.  The pounding of the soundwaves on your inner ear will cause permanent damage.  If you are wearing headphones or earbuds, turn that sound down.  There is nothing between them to block out any of the waves.  It might not be noticeable at first, but slowly you will lose the higher pitched sounds.  You won’t hear the hits on the cymbal or the top notes of that guitar riff.

If you are exposed to noise levels over 85 decibels for a long period of time, your hearing will be compromised.  We know that iPods and MP3’s can pump out up to 105 decibels at their loudest.  That;s a worry.

Hearing loss can’t be reversed.  Encourage him to set the volume level on his iPod to a safe level and leave it there.

Sitting at the desk

Sitting for hours at a time is the new killer in our midst.  Studies have suggested that people who spend six or more hours a day sitting have a 20 percent higher rate of early death than people who sat for three hours or less each day.

Is your bloke an office worker or a gamer?  He could lose up to two years of his life expectancy if he sits for hours at a time.

Encourage him to get up and move regularly.  Look at some of the standing desks so that his leg muscles are being used.  Remind him to go for walks to stretch his legs and back.

Of course, these habits are bad for us all, not just the blokes so remember to take your own advice.

Change a few of your bloke’s habits by changing your own.



Hot Cross Buns

Posted on 15 April 2014 | Comments Off

hot cross bunsEaster is bounding towards us like some oversized rabbit hyped up on chocolate, seemingly determined to draw us into is it’s creamy, chocolatey, hot-cross-bunny deliciousness.

The downside of this, of course, is all that hard work you’ve done to get yourself into some sort of shape after the last bout of seasonal overeating and sitting around doing not much all seems to be for nothing.

It appears your options are one of two; go with the flow, eat too much and take the extra-long long weekend to allow your body to soak up all the butter goodness slathered on your hot cross buns.

Or you can go against the flow, get out and do something with all that ‘spare’ time you have.

In short, you can be cross and have saggy buns, or you can get out, keep up your fitness regime (or start one if you haven’t started on your New Year’s Resolutions yet) and have some seriously hot buns that others will enjoy, um, looking at.

If the local gym you attend has reduced its hours due to the holidays, or you can’t access the one near work, get out of the house and go for a walk, jog or run, whichever takes your fancy.

The kids will also be getting a little overexcited and hyperactive, or just plain bored and annoying, and your partner is probably in desperate need of a break, so take the kids off her hands and head to the local park.

Often overlooked is just how awesome a playground is for a strength workout. You can be king of the kids, showing off your monkey bar chin-ups, wobbly bridge push-ups and a couple of lunges and squats as you assist kids onto the flying fox.

Join in the play and get some decent aerobic activity, running around, getting your heart rate up and adding a bit of variety and fun into your workout routine.

You might also like some sprint training along the lines of rolling down hills and racing back up again, beach tag (that running on sand will do wonders for your butt!)  And if you really must indulge in some chocolate, make it the good quality stuff and make yourself work for it.




My Dad is the Easter Bunny

Posted on 10 April 2014 | Comments Off

Easter BunnyAs a child I loved the Easter Bunny.  I thought he was the most magical and generous character that I’d ever (almost) met.  I was never officially told that he didn’t exist.  There were rumours at school but no one seemed to know for sure.

I guess I eventually just outgrew the notion and realised that it was my dad who tiptoed into my room at Easter to leave little chocolate eggs for me to find in the morning. It was my dad who left little paw prints along the hall and nibbled at the carrots I left out for the Easter Bunny.

Was I upset?

No.  I was really proud that my dad would do something like that for me.

That’s probably half the reason that we never had the conversation about the Bunny.  He didn’t want to break the news to me and I didn’t want to let him down by revealing that I knew he was behind the surprises.

These days, kids seem to twig early and it can be a disappointment to them when they have the magic shattered so young.

Here are a couple of stories of the moment the mystery was uncovered.

“My brother told me that the easter bunny was not real. I started to fight with him and then that was when he told me. I was 9 year old when he told me.”

“When I found the easter bunny was not real I was around six. In my mind, I imagined the easter bunny to be a bit bigger rabit that could talk. One day however, the “Easter Bunny” visited my school. It was a old man using a pretty poor costume, in wich i could see some openings…From that day on, I never believed in Easter bunny again.” 

It’s in cartoon shows, it’s all around the schools and sometimes it’s even in the classrooms that the legend of the Easter Bunny is disposed of.

For me, once I understood the effort my dad (and mum) had put into keeping my belief alive, Easter suddenly became a whole different event.  It was not about the eggs; it was about my dad loving me.

If your children are at the age where the Easter Bunny story is hanging by its little cottontail, don’t give up.  Keep doing what you’ve been doing.  Remember that one way or another, you are building memories.   It’s worth the effort.

Super Cufflinks!

Posted on 8 April 2014 | Comments Off

We have some news ; cufflinks are the new black. No surprise if you automatically thought of a graduation ball or a wedding when you read ‘cufflinks’. However, we’re here to change all that.These new cufflink ideas can also be a great gift and you can be pretty sure he won’t already own them! Check them out yourself.

thong cufflinksThong Cufflinks – ideal for any summer company party or another official occasion, these stainless steel thong cufflinks will make the bloke wearing them stand out. Fortunately, they can be used in winter, too, and they will bring in the remembrance of summer when he really needs it.

batman cufflinksBatman Cufflinks – a great cufflinks idea, which can not only express his hobby and liking for Batman, but also add a touch of additional style and elegance to his appearance with their stainless steel body and seamless black enamel. Batman cufflinks are a must-have item for every fan of the Dark Knight.

superman cufflinksSuperman Cufflinks – these Superman cufflinks had to be separated from the Batman ones in order to keep the peac! Apart from that, they are just as stylish and the Superman fans out there will surely appreciate having a pair of them for the next occasion on which they have to wear a suit. Stainless steel and black enamel, no red and blue – a great stylish gift for that one bloke who ran around the kindergarten with a supermen costume and has never grown out of his love of Superman.

pacman cufflinksPacman Cufflinks – Here is something for the gamers out there. Which gamers’ cufflinks design would be more creative than the hero from one of the most popular games ever – Pacman? If you give these to a programmer, hacker, web designer, gamer, computer specialist or anyone dealing with computers, they will certainly appreciate it and wear them, even if they don’t match their tie.

Dad cufflinksAnd, if you are a devoted son or daughter, you can’t miss the opportunity to make your dad happy with these cute Dad cufflinks. They say ‘I <3 my Dad’ and can be worn both by dads and sons. The dads will be proud to have such a present and will surely boost off before their friends in the way fathers always do , while the sons will proudly show that their dads are their heroes.

Cufflinks are back and they are stronger than ever. With these and more creative designs, the cufflink will become a symbol of true masculine style.

New Dr Who Products in Store

Posted on 3 April 2014 | Comments Off

Now, now – no need to panic! His birthday or your anniversary or some other occasion may be approaching fast, but we have the solution.  New Dr Who products are in store and awaiting a devoted fan to use them. Check out some of the latest arrivals and make your bloke happy with a unique fan accessory that he can show off to his mates.

Dr Who Tardis WatchTardis Adult Watch

He will love this innovative Tardis watch. This Dr Who watch is really neat with a timeless Tardis blue strap that can fit the wrist of any adult. You can also see the inscription ‘TimeLord – Police Call Box’ on one end of the strap, which will leave no doubt about who is wearing it. The inscription on the Tardis door is copied on the watch front for additional effect. If you did not understand a word from the above description, there are two things you need to know – that the watch is analogue with quartz movement and that your bloke will love it.

Dr Who Dalek T-Shirt 

Here is another great gift for any Dr Who fan – the Dalek T-Shirt. The shirt is inscribed with

Dr Who Dalek T shirt“The supreme creature

The ultimate conquerer of the universe

The Dalek! “

This could be the tee he needs when his Dr Who Tardis T-Shirt is in the wash!

Hidden Tardis Mug Dr Who Hidden Tardis Mug

If your whovian is a fan of the hot drinks, you are sure to make him happy with this smart Hidden Tardis mug. So what is so special about it? While it is full, you see the Tardis moving through time and space, but only when you have drunk most of your drink, you understand its direction – the bottom of the mug. Imagine your bloke’s surprise when you give him a full mug of coffee and he finds a Tardis on its bottom!

Dr Who Logo MugDr Who Logo Mug

An alternative to the Hidden Tardis Mug is one of our best sellers; the mug with Dr Who logo on it. True, it doesn’t have a Tardis inside it, but this has an advantage – it can hold more coffee. Also, the Dr Who Logo Mug is quite affordable and allows for small surprising gifts without occasion – just a way to say ‘I care about you’.

Yahtzee Dr Who Yahtzee game

This Dr Who styled Yahtzee is sure to make the regular whovian ‘meetings’ at your home even more enjoyable. The cup in this game is a perfect mini model of the Tardis, while the dice have images of the biggest Dr Who enemies – a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, a Sontaran, a Cyberman, a Robot Mummy and the Silence. Yahtzee has never been more interesting and enjoyable – take our word!

If these new Dr Who merchandize items are not what you are looking for or your bloke already owns them, check the Dr Who section in our store for more apparel and accessories. You are highly likely to find the perfect gift for him here.

How do you know when your bloke is stressed?

Posted on 1 April 2014 | Comments Off

It’s common fact that blokes aren’t big talkers, so pouring a glass of wine, sitting on the couch with a chick flick on and alternating between sobbing and rambling is not, generally, on the cards for blokes when they’re stressed.

They make things difficult, don’t they?

As a result, it’s not always easy to tell when your bloke is stressed. There are, however, some telltale signs that, quite frankly, go completely against the grain of what women do and think. This makes it difficult to spot the signs.

So, how do you know when your bloke is stressed?


stressBlokes like to fix things. It’s in their genetic makeup; evolved over many, many tens of thousands of years. If something is going wrong and causing them distress, they’ll want to ‘fix’ whatever the problem is.

So they sit quietly and think about how they can go about this. They are, quite literally, in their own heads. Some refer to this as “going into their cave”; which is an apt analogy.

It is very likely that this is where Auguste Rodin got his idea for his famous sculpture, The Thinker.

Leave him be and let him work through it, just let him know you’re there to listen and help if needed. Asking him “what’s wrong” or trying to force him to talk will make things worse.

Increased Activity

Because physical activity increases blood flow, and releases endorphins and all manner of other handy hormones, it can help with the thinking process. In fact, many people find exercise or being physically active a form of meditation.

Their activity may revolve around fixing something physical; building a spice rack, or retiling the bathroom that you’ve been asking about for the last 6 years. The physical act of fixing, creating or constructing help with innate need to ‘fix’ but also gives them time to think through whatever it is that’s stressing them.


The act of sexual intercourse also releases loads of happy endorphins, is akin to physical activity and provides a, *ahem*, release of sorts. It helps take their mind of their stressors, too.

They may be wanting more sex, or if they are really stressed, they may stop hassling you altogether. When he stops trying to arouse you by jabbing you in the back with his erection, you can take that as a sign things are not good in his world.


Your bloke may also be more short tempered than usual, and become angry at seemingly minor things.

Part of this will be that he, quite literally, needs peace and quiet to think and sort though his problems. Outside noises, being asked “What’s wrong?” incessantly and mayhem around him will distract and frustrate him.

He may be calling for quiet more often, and his intolerance for the kids playing or other distractions may increase significantly.

If he does retreat into his shed to tinker, and things aren’t going to plan, you can also expect considerable throwing of tools and profanity.

In short, if he does the very opposite to what it is you do when you’re stressed, you can be assured he IS stressed.

How the Handkerchief Impacted on History

Posted on 25 March 2014 | Comments Off

bike_handkerchiefs_1__09075.1393898611.1280.1280Ah, the good old handkerchief; where would we be without them.

Originally known as kerchief, a French word literally translated as “cover head”, this fabulous fashion statement of wandering the streets with a hanky on your head faded out sometime in the 1500s.


Except for that comeback in the 1960s and 70s, when the newly name hand kerchief had its corners knotted and worn on the noggins of men the world over as they mowed lawns and strutted along beaches in their budgie smugglers (before the term ‘budgie smuggler’ had even been invented).

The prefix hand was added to the kerchief in the mid 1500s, when the headwear made its move from the head, to the hand where it was carried and utilised to wipe sweat from foreheads and snot from noses.

It also made a brief stint amongst school children who used this increasingly versatile item to carry thruppence or so as they walked their way to school, without fear of losing their money.

Although now primarily used as a means in which to blow noses, and perhaps wipe excess mucus off faces, it also has many additional uses; from tourniquet to mouth gag, sweat band, bandana, flag and that thing you do where you put it over your mouth in dusty or smoky environments to keep dust and smoke out of your facial orifices … and plenty of other applications.

In current society, it is generally employed as a replacement for a paper tissue, to help reduce waste and prevent the incidence of snotty, scrunched up tissues located on coffee tables, women’s handbags and jeans’ pockets. Or speckled all over the just washed laundry after the jeans have been washed.

Made from cotton, poly-cotton, linen, silk or synthetic fabric, they are easily portable and fit pockets, small compartments in school bags and hands of any size, making them the ideal accompaniment to any activity, indoor and outdoor, and for anyone of any age.

The size and material of handkerchiefs can also make a statement about your social status, and are an essential item to be worn in the top pocket of your tuxedo jacket to prove that you are, indeed, eloquent.

Regardless, they are readily washable, can be ironed if one so chooses and always on hand when you need.

We even have a variety available for you, for whatever purpose you choose to use them for, in convenient three packs.

What will you do with your handkerchief?

Dr Who Disappearing Tardis Heat Changing Mug

Posted on 23 March 2014 | Comments Off

Even after owning this mug for a while I still find it fascinating.

As you pour your tea or coffee into the Disappearing Tardis Mug, the Tardis is teleported from the city street and out into deep space.

This is a heat changing mug and the Tardis will appear or disappear once hot liquid is poured into the coffee mug.

This style of image changing mug has a unique thermo-sensitive colour coating that reacts when heat is applies.  It basically becomes transparent which allows any image printed below it on the mug to be revealed.

When the mug is cold, the thermo-sensitive coating retains its colour which means that you can’t see the image below.

We have a variety of heat changing mugs in our Dr Who range including the Weeping Angel, The Dalek and Tardis.

The Lure of the Motorcycle

Posted on 21 March 2014 | Comments Off

1901 motorcycleAn open road ahead of him, a motorbike beneath him. It’s the stuff of legends, every man’s dream. It speaks of power and adventure, freedom and excitement. Many blokes admire the mechanical precision and physical skill that goes into a good motorbike ride, and are happy to see that dream appear in gifts they receive.

Every bike enthusiast will appreciate the mechanical genius on display in the 1901 Motorcycle. This is a model of an invention that was so progressive for its time, it completely changed the way people travelled solo. Made of metal and a substantial 29 cm in length, this model shows the first instance of the motor being added to a wood-rimmed bicycle, in detail. It is a classically coloured piece that will be a talking point for your bikie bloke.

motorcycle headlight clockAnother great piece with an added practical use is the Motorcycle Headlight Clock. The clock is inserted into the front of a vintage style motorcycle headlight, and for added authenticity there is a speedometer in the back. This not only looks great on a side table or desk, but your bikie bloke will love reading the time from it when he’s counting down to his weekend cruise.

|Motorbikes, wherever they appear, are the ultimate symbol of freedom, and there is no substitute for the feeling of being behind the handlebars of a well-maintained machine.

On the road, other travellers turn their heads in admiration, and with just a few manoeuvres, one’s destination can be turned completely around.

With a few reminders of this feeling around his house or office, your bikie bloke will feel like he’s wearing his leathers and on the road to greatness all the time.

Turning 21.

Posted on 19 March 2014 | Comments Off

21st birthday wall artA 21st is a once in a  lifetime party!

The anticipation builds for years, and the big day is a rite of passage everyone wants to remember.

Think of all those birthday parties growing up put together and you have some idea of just how exciting a night it can be. It is the time in everyone’s life where they unlock to door to adulthood, and pass through the doorway from being “just a kid”.

For everything to go just right, a bit of planning and preparation go a long way. You want to make sure music is covered, the food is awesome, and that everyone will have a full glass to toast you when your parents and besties make their big speeches. You want to make sure the decorations and lighting are just right for your style and for your guests to be comfortable.

One thing to include when planning your event space is this specially prepared 21st Birthday Celebration Wall Art.  It can hang on the wall or be propped up on the table by the birthday cake, and  with just a few touches of sparkle, it sets a celebratory mood. Ask your guests to write messages on it for you.. Birthday wishes, memories they have of you, and wishes for your future will be priceless when you look at this in times to come. You will remember the great night you had, and all the people in your life who came out to celebrate with you. It is a decoration that becomes a lasting memento from a celebration you don’t want to forget.

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